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  1. S-Max Battery

    Pot luck with batteries, I had a big bore Honda motorcycle owned it from new for 12 years, parked it in my garage for two years, recharged the battery and used it for another year then sold it with the original battery. Had my s-max for 3 months and had to buy a £70 battery for it. Depends on how the vehicle has been used,or abused, or just had a naff battery to start with.
  2. Power Steering

    I have a 59 plate s-max and i have just noticed a faint whine/whistle from the power steering when steering on the spot in tight situations. Is this a prelude to a steering rack or pump fault? I have heard that these cars are prone to these from other posts on this site. Would love some advice for a `heads up` so I can forward plan. With regards.
  3. Well sorry guys !!! I have'nt meant to cause any offence but when I said lots of well meaning advise I was refering to the oral advise I was being given by well meaning workmates etc. the advise you all gave was spot on and I did not realise that there were three of you posting and I did not intend to upset anyone. With kindest regards Nick.
  4. Further to your suggestion of an impending battery failure I recharged the battery last night but had little success with only 11.5 volt by this morning. I purchased a new battery and everything is now tickety boo. The car started straight away and no immobiliser messages or any other messages come to that. Interestingly enough the self levelling headlights no longer have a hissy fit when I turn the lights on. Thanks Scudney for your advise as I was being given a lot of well meaning but incorrect time-wasting advise. Regards Nick.
  5. Thanks for this advise Scudney, they are self levelling, and fully charged after a 24 hour charge the battery still only showed 12.5 volts. The second and most important issue is that the immobiliser is now active and refusing to let the car turn over. It has been suggested to me that the flat battery has allowed the immobiliser to forget the keys and, even though it allows the doors to unlock and re-lock and turn the ignition on it will not allow it to crank over the engine. :( Since then the battery has drained further and the car is now suggesting that there is a fault with the power steering, headlights and the immobiliser plus telling me that the battery is low, ( don't you love having the !Removed! obvious stated to you ). I have three possible solutions to try involving some procedures with the keys and unless you can suggest any other ideas i will post any good news I may have tomorrow once the battery has charged. Once again thanks for replying. Regards Nick.
  6. Having had a flat battery, the usual slow turn over and non firing, a headlight malfunction showed on the dashboard, when i came home and tried to start it the car was dead so i recharged the battery for 24 hours. Tested the battery was showing 12.5 volt charge. Tried to start the car and now it shows an immobiliser active sign in the dashboard display. I have tried disconnecting the battery for 30 seconds to see if it clears the memory (and fault) to no avail. has anyone got any suggestions or could this be a plain old knackered battery...? oh and by the way the headlight malfunction warning had displayed on the dash in the preceding 2 weeks(ish) but always went straight off.