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  1. Mk6 facelift model. Other than needing the actual mirrors and switch, does anyone know if the wiring needs to be fitted as well, or is it a standard part of the loom?
  2. Clutch Pedal Problem

    They made the pin on the pedal longer on the facelift model to try and stop this, which didn't help when mine slipped, got wedged, and snapped the arm on the cylinder when I went to pull off at some lights...had to change the master cylinder because of this stupid design, which took 4hrs by myself and cost £50 for the part and fluid...I've put a jubilee clip on mine now to stop any sideways movement!!
  3. Powertrain Warning Lamp

    Have had this with my 08 1.6 tdci several times. The first time it was a sticky EGR valve (which eventually failed completely causing constant limp mode), the second time it was low on power steering fluid and the third time it was a blocked air intake at the filter. No fault codes were stored on mine while the faults were there, even Ford couldn't find them. When the EGR did fail completely, then a code was stored. The EGR ran a £300 bill as the injectors had to be cleaned and new glow plugs fitted as well, a new filter and a fluid top up cleared the other two. Had mine 6 years from new and, other than a few bearings, these are the only problems I've had with it. Hope this helps.
  4. Cv Joint Change

    Hello all, this is my first post so apologies if it's in the wrong place. I need to change the outer CV joint on a mark 6.5 1.6 TDCi Fiesta, but the Haynes manual is a little vague, it only really has instructions on how to remove the driveshaft. Has anyone changed a CV joint on this model? Does the driveshaft have to be removed? Approx. time to complete this work? I already have a new joint, boot, clips and grease, but any and all help would be greatly appreciated!