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  1. Yes, I'm sure my local dealer will ensure I get the right ones.
  2. Hi Everyone, Newbie Just Joined

    Thanks guys, nice to feel welcomed. Had some good discussions already
  3. NQbbe - Never mind winter tyres, I think I need flotation bags in this weather :D Good point though.
  4. Stoney871 - I think you've got hold of the wrong end of the stick slightly with my question/problem - I'm going from alloy to alloy, not steel to alloy - the wheels that came standard on my fez are 15" alloys. Good explanation though :)
  5. Has anyone tried (or know if its even possible?) to rewire the 12V accessory socket (what was the cigarette lighter socket to us oldies!) in the centre console on a 2013 1.25 Zetec to make it permanently live (as it stands at the moment, its only live when the ignition is 'ON' or the engine is running) like it was as standard on my old 1999 Mk5 1.4 Zetec? The reason being is that occasionally I want to use the socket to plug in a charger to charge my mp3 player or mobile phone overnight in the car while its sat in my workplace carpark (its secure) with the ignition off and the car locked, while I do a nightshift. I figure as its just using a few tens of milliamps to charge my mp3 player/phone, then it shouldn't theoretically affect the cars battery but could it potentially affect the cars Passive Anti Theft system or any other monitoring circuits that modern cars seem to have these days? Well, it certainly never gave me any problems on my old fez? I've even left the interior light on in my old fez overnight a few times in the middle of winter and it has started fine first time the next morning(!) But then comparing my old fez to this new one is like comparing an old steam powered black and white telly to a modern 50" widescreen telly - more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at(!) Thanks to anyone with any ideas or experience.
  6. Hmm, think you might be right there bud but the Ford alloys I like don't come in 16s - I've just looked - doh!
  7. V Reg Fiesta Need Help To Get Better Economy

    320 on a tank? I'd say that wasn't TOO bad for a 14 year old fizzy? I've just got a new Mk7 1.25 Zetec with a trip/fuel computer fitted as standard and when I fill it up, the readout says 346 miles to go before I need to fill it up again and its a 12 gallon tank. I know its only approximate and Ford have to program the computer during manufacture with general averages but I'd say 320 miles is fairly good unless anyone else disagrees with a car thats that old? As to your question, I'm not a master tech but have 35 years of driving experience so just do the usual, service it regularly, make sure your tyres are inflated correctly and are the right type and aren't worn or damaged, make sure the wheels themselves aren't buckled or out of true, get the tracking checked to make sure your front tyres aren't scrubbing along the road unnecessarily, don't accelerate or brake hard, change up into a higher gear as soon as you can, don't carry half a ton of rubbish around with you in the boot, keep your windows shut especially on the motorway, use your air con as sparingly as possible (assuming you have it fitted), if you have a roof rack, remove it if you aren't using it and thats pretty much it really? Anyone else got any thoughts?
  8. Yeah, I get where you're coming from but doing a hundred miles a day to and from work might get a bit tiresome crashing and banging over every catseye/white line/gap in the tarmac, never mind the ruddy potholes :(
  9. Hmm, maybe I should kick this idea into touch then, no point in having a firm/hard ride on a car that sounds like a hairdryer and couldn't pull the skin off a rice puddin
  10. HShaw, yeah that's what I thought - maybe the 17s metal around the bolt holes is a bit thicker than the 15s perhaps? Anyway, whats your take on ride quality if I decide to go for 17s with 205 40 tyres? I've just read some other posts on here and a couple of people say its horrendous! They feel they have to get out and check their wheels everytime they go over a bump or pothole cos they think their alloys have been buckled
  11. HShaw - ok, things sound like I should be ok then. Just waiting on iNath to tell me why I'd need new wheel nuts for the new alloys
  12. Cutting Out When Changing Down Gear

    I had a 1997 Zetec and mine did the same thing, stalled on downshifts, stalled when coming to a stop at junctions, traffic lights etc and it was accompanied by a strong smell of petrol coming into the cabin. At speed though it was ok. Turned out it was the throttle potentiometer that sends the electronic throttle opening signal to the ecu - it was knackered (the potentiometer) and was permanently sending a throttle wide open signal to the ecu so the injectors were pumping gallons of fuel into the cylinders all the time and consequently on tickover it would flood and stall. Might be something to look at?
  13. iNath, any particular reason for the new nuts?
  14. Hi HShaw - what do you mean "all the fitments"? I thought it was just a case of taking the 'old' 15" off and putting the new 17" on its place - is there anything else? You also said you went from 15s to 17s on your Corsa - was that standard Vauxhall alloys or aftermarket ones?
  15. Why Does My 1.4 P Reg Fiesta Seem To Be Guzzling Fuel

    I've got a 1999 Zetec (just retired it) with the same problem - turns out its one of the front brake calipers - the piston inside isn't retracting fully and as a result the pads are slightly rubbing on the disk all the time - felt like I had a car full of fat b*******s or the handbrake was on slightly cos the acceleration (usually brisk) was non existent and fuel economy suffered aswell. Might be something to look at?