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  1. Mk3 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    Update: another starter had packed up this morning! So this one lasted 2 weeks! I don't know if it's worth putting another starter on or just get rid? I can't afford to put it in to a garage
  2. Mk3 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    Indeed you did! Sorry my mind has been all over the place the past week or so!
  3. Mk3 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    I have undone all the battery terminals and cleaned them and greased up so see how things go. I think the battery is the wrong type as it is taller and not as wide. I noticed in the scrap yard the 06 Mondeo had a nice Bosch battery that took the full width of the battery tray
  4. Mk3 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    OK another replacement starter on. Started ok on 2 occasions but next time its done the old speedo needles going full clockwise. I feel I have gone as far as I can with this car. I'll see what happens over the next few days before I decide if I'll scrap the car!
  5. Mk3 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    I have a replacement starter (again) and I will see how the old one is when it comes out. I think that if it is the DMF, the whole car will be going to the place I got the starter from!
  6. Mk3 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    Just when I thought everything was ok, it has broken down again! The starter turns slightly but then just spins! Had to get the AA out an he has said its the starter gone again! I guess its what I get for putting a second hand one on from a scrappy! I really thought it was the DMF that had gone!
  7. More Starting Issues!

    Yeah mine is the 2.0 diesel. There was no gunk on the old starter motor but im worried that it may be the DMF which will cost nearly as much as I paid for the car! I hope it isnt though! Thanks, Paul
  8. Having changed my starter motor and fully charged the battery. All was well until a couple of days later. I came out to start the car and is struggled to turn over and the dails on the dash went completely clockwise. Eventually the would turn over. This morning it did the same but I have noticed smoke coming off the battery terminals (positive side) and it was very hot (blister to prove). Gents is this a battery issue as I think there may be a bigger issue! Oh the car will turn over ok providing its within a couple of hours Thanks
  9. Mk3 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    Yeah me too. Just got some bruises, cuts and an aching back!
  10. Mk3 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    Just an update. Went to the scrap yard bought a starter and fitted it myself this morning and all OK !!! I now have a starting mondeo ! Thanks for your help everyone
  11. Mk3 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    And failed! The money was tight before but I guess I have to bite the bullet
  12. Mk3 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    I Can't get in to do it. Looks like a trip to the garage
  13. Mk3 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    Ha ha yep "hammer" though reading it maybe the terminal is rusty? More work in between the showers I think!