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  1. Hi i have a 57reg mondy i got it with the the standard 6disc cd and built in satnav but over the last few months its developed a problem every so often the unit just turns on and off randomly with the radio or cd on and the satnav wont work it just keeps searching does any1 have any ideas ?? Or does any one have a blaupunkt nx satnav disc orcomplete unit for sale cheap :) ps im in leicester area cheers daz
  2. Welcome lisa maybe time for a new car lol
  3. Can we have your address to send invoices to please :))
  4. No chris you will have to take the dash out that reset is for milage
  5. Sounds like a electrical fault to me along the lines
  6. I got 1 ur t-shirts aswell lol and mine was free :) as to axel he does not like any1 seeing him after or b4 a gig and the route 2 the stage has to be clear apart from production and security tbh hes a funny fooker. This year i may be on lady gaga's tour in sept im not sure yet. Already done pearl jam this year. Ohhh and as for pic of car :) very nice 👍👍👍
  7. Hello and welcome nice place you live in i was in split about 2years ago when guns and roses was playing there as i was part of there tour group
  8. Hi and welcome sash 👍
  9. Im sure we can get to the bottom of it on here theres some top ppl on here 👍 and some looney toones aswell lol
  10. Sounds like ur burning oil mate could be gasket or rings or just a bad oil leak have u looked underneath when left standing overnite ?
  11. Hi and welcome 👍 im getting really wee weed off with all these new !Removed! ppl are having lol i want 1 👍😂😂😂😂
  12. Lmfao at lenny if she is im claiming to be the daddy 😂😂😂😂
  13. Hi and welcome i gotta say u jammy #|~<r very nice car looks 👍 well jelouse of you tbh
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