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  1. Ford Fiesta Mk6 Gear Box

    Hi I have a 08 fiesta zetec mk6 The problem I have is the gear box when the car is running it is really hard to get it into gear 4 and 5 are just as usual to put into gear, once it is in gear it is just as normal it doesn't just jump out, when the car isn't running it is going into gear fine, I had my clutch done in my car approx 2 months ago don't know if this can change anything but can anyone help me thanks
  2. Ford Fiesta Mk6 Gear Box

    Thanks a lot! I will get this sorted soon my biting point on my clutch is right at the vroom I have to lift my toe up and it bites if this hella
  3. Fiesta Mods

    What mark fiesta ?
  4. Exhausts

    Hi I have mk6 fiesta zetec 1.4 58 reg. Im wanting to get a new exhaust for my csr I'm not really bothered about the performance for example paying 400 for a full milltek system although I want something decent I am wondering what type of cat back I should get for my car I want a deep throaty sound but not too loud also and I am wondering how to fit it as it seems like the full exhaust is welded up and their is no joints will I have to cut my existing cat back off and replace it with my new one or is their a hidden clamp thanks. Information on the installing of a new exhaust is appreciated thanks.
  5. Clicking/banging Noise

    Hi I have a mark 6 fiesta 1.4 58 reg Stupidly I banged it down a gear and put my foot down and heard a banging noise only just as I put my foot down, could their be a problem I heard it ruins the diff doing this but I never do it do I need a new diff Thanks
  6. Boot Opener

    Hi I have a mark 6 fiesta zetec 58 reg 1.4, The button on the dashboard and the button on my key when pressed do not open my boot, I took a look and it seamed the catch wasn't moving far enough to open the boot on the mechanism, does anybody know the problem do I need a new motor for it or a new catch? Thanks
  7. Boot Opener

    How do I so that mate ?
  8. Cigarette Lighter

    Hi I have a mark 6 fiesta zetec 58 reg, I dropped my USB end of my charger and it fell in the cigarette lighter hole the thing sparked and now when I plug my adapter Into it it does not work anyone have any idea what's wrong and maybe what I need to buy ? Thanks
  9. Cigarette Lighter

    Thanks were is the fuse at.
  10. Xenon Headlights

    Hi I have a ford fiedta zetec 58 reg What are the brightest xenon headlights I can get that are ice white colour which are legal Thanks.
  11. Hi I hard a ford fiesta zetec 1.4 58 reg and just got the clutch replaced after I burnt it out driving like a tit, I have been driving sensible as it struck me my car is not a racing car and can smell the burning of the clutch after it wa replaced with a new clutch is this normal or do I need to send it back in the garage the smell comes everyone I drive normal thanks.
  12. Exhaust Manifold

    Hi I have a ford fiesta zetec 1.4 58 reg and I was wondering if a ford fiesta st exhaust manifold would fit into my car and if it did will it have an impact of anything such as noise? Just wondering as I got it for free off my friend.
  13. Exhaust Manifold

  14. Exhaust Manifold

    Thanks any ideas on how to make ny exhaust pop and sound deep or will I have to get a new one Thanks
  15. Front Bearings

    Hi I have a ford fiesta zetec 1.4 58 reg their is a weird noise coming from my drivers side front wheel a few people said it's the bearings does anyone have any idea on what to buy and do I have to buy a full hub for it Thanks
  16. Alloy Wheels

    Hi I have a ford fiesta zetec 58 reg 1.4 I was wondering if 18 inch wheels would fit on my car without scraping thanks
  17. Dumb Valve

    Hi I have a ford fiesta 1.4 58 reg I have always wanted the swoosh noise on my car just like most subarus have I am aware that you can only have a proper one if you have a turbo but I know you can get them for cars without turbo can anyone help me as I want to but one but don't know what I am looking for thanks.
  18. Exhaust System

    Hi I have a ford fiesta zetec 1.4 58 plate I was wondering what I would have to get on my exhaust to make it have a deep sound to it when turned on when I have looked at my pipe it doesn't seem to have an bolts and its a full pipe all welded I was just wondering what's the bit that makes the noise what I could get for my car for the deep sounding noise when turned on thanks. [i really don't know what I am talking about]
  19. Exhaust System

    Ok cheers for the advice mate!
  20. Exhaust System

    So if I cut my cat back that's on now do I just need a pipe clamp on another one and I have a zetec 58 reg face lifted model, Is their anyway to have the exhaust like not on show as I don't want to cut a hole in my bumper Thanks
  21. Exhaust System

    So would the only way to do it is saw my pipe off and weld it on or pipe clamp it back on and would I have to get a new back bumper or saw holes as my exhaust doesn't show. Thanks
  22. Dumb Valve

    Thanks Damian
  23. Dumb Valve

    If you read what I said you would of noticed I don't know what it's called properly jog on with your sarky comments
  24. Which Air Filter To Suit My Car

    Hi I have a ford fiesta zetec 58 reg and was wondering what type of air filter system I should get for my car I want the air filter to sound loud and sporty is their any certain makes to avoid or good makes to get and also with a reasonable budget Thanks
  25. Hi I have a ford fiesta zetec 58 reg. the other day I replaced my sidelights to Xeon lights later that day I found that my front drivers side indicator was not working and when I indicated right my rear and middle drivers side indicators flashed quickly and am error on the dash said indicator failure or something on them lines so I bought a new bulb for the indicator and it still has the same problem the front drivers side does not still come on csn anyone help me and tell me why it still is happening thanks