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  1. Looking To Get A Ford

    o and you will most likely find that there is no spare wheel in the boot. But check to see if you have the full foam kit in the boot for a flat. i went and bought a spare wheel after i bought my car
  2. Looking To Get A Ford

    Yes the common fault of these fiesta's is the boot switch. Dont know how but water will get inside the boot switch you will never know by looking at it but the problem will rise when driving the car and all of a sudden your boot will open. When you turn your key to start the car the boot might pop open as well. Easy fix just replace the boot switch £30-40 at halfords auto centre. covered under warranty.
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    love the rear valance. dude where and how you do this. links? this is exactly what i need. i have a tdci 1.6 which shows no exhaust. was thinking of going to garage and getting a twin exhaust fitted and having them cut a little chunk out of the rear valance to look nice but yours is way better then my idea.?
  4. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    i noticed you have white alloys look nice, i have the white fiesta zetec s but what colour are your brakes calipers and back rear drums thankyou.. Was going to go hammerite smooth silver for front and black for back. thanks. Any other mods you have done? i have ordered my asian grill. What you think to the tow cable? thankyou
  5. Help With Lights Please!

    ????? This is a forum please don't get mad. Anger issues can result into violence. I know a Anger management counsellor for you if you need. Have a good night :)
  6. Help With Lights Please!

    Once again you continue. Leave the topic. Your comments are now irrelevant to the subject. I remember my 4 year old who behaved similar. Thank you
  7. Help With Lights Please!

    Once again you continue. Leave the topic. Your comments now are irrelevant to the subject. It remember my 4 year who behaved similar. Thank you
  8. Help With Lights Please!

    Actually you are wrong. Retro fitting drl have to meet the law of that of factory fitted drl. So yes in theory you got to meet certain standards otherwise you would be breaking the law. The idea of retrofitting drl is to mimic factory fitted drl which of course have be at the same standard. I have read so much into this I don't know why everyone is contradicting what is said. This topic is becoming silly. It was designed to help people understand and fit drl which will not get you into trouble. I Believe what Has been said abides by that which is stated on the Dvla website. Everything has been cleared. No need to keep posting inaccurate posts just to be rectified.
  9. Help With Lights Please!

    This may be the case but as stated by two different people from two different sites it clearly states drl SHOULD turn off. It can be misleading and represent that you have your fog lights on at night time wether they are dimmed or not. Yes I was referring to you. I just would not dim my drl cause legislation states otherwise.
  10. Help With Lights Please!

    i still disagree with you about the drl dimming. all the legislation i have found regarding the law around drl state this. As you can see it clearly states DRL MUST TURN OFF when side lights are turned ON. To be honest i would listen to this and get the relay i said which TURNS YOUR DRLS OFF and NOT DIMMS THEM. Don't listen to this guy has all that effort you did willl go to waste and him making your car illegal. DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS UK LAWDaytime running lights (sometimes referred to as DRLs or daylight running lamps) are low-wattage bulbs that are fitted to a car to improve visibility during daylight hours. As of 7th February 2011* DRLs have become a mandatory fitting to all new type approved passenger vehicles (except trailers). DRLs must switch on with the vehicle ignition and switch off when the vehicle sidelights are switched on. They can also be made to function as front position (side) lights, which operate at a reduced intensity when the vehicle sidelights are switched on. You may have already seen DRLs out on the road - many manufacturers such as Audi have fitted them to new models. They can usually be found just below the car's main headlights, and normally switch on with the vehicle ignition and off when the vehicle sidelights are turned on.
  11. Help With Lights Please!

    I actually think drl's state that your drl should turn fully off when your main lights come on, You can get relays that dim drl's yes but this relay I posted turns then fully off. I hope I helped everyone to get this neat job done. Now please tell me where to store my sunglasses cheaply without cutting inroof mod. Any neat gadgets out there Ect than you.
  12. Help With Lights Please!

    Yes. When my head lights are fully on the drl turn off. When they are off or on dipped beam drl are on. Hope that helps.
  13. Help With Lights Please!

    this is my car now
  14. Help With Lights Please!

    My car I have is a 59plate frozen white zetec s fiesta mk7. Hope I have helped you
  15. Help With Lights Please!

    Yes. I assumed it was the cheap crappy Chinese relay I bought. Any way I can vouch that these two items def work. And if they don't on your car then something else is wrong, and it takes 20secs for drl to fully turn off. After engine is off.