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  1. Focus TDCI odd problem

    Dave, Try replacing the glow plugs, you'll probably find those are shot. The screeching may be a loose belt, would get it checked. Good luck. JI quote name='David87M3' date='Mar 26 2009, 09:54 AM' post='16568'] Hi, I have just bought a Focus TDCI 52 plate for the wife. Its got 109k miles on and its in nice condition. When we first looked at the car it did not start first time, Second time burst into like perfectly with very little smoke (car was on a garage forecourt). I assumed a slightly flat battery or that fact its been stood for a while. Since picking the car up it has done the above 2 or 3 times. I am going to replace fuel filter ASAP! Sometimes when it fires up the is a slight "screetch" noise for about 1/2 a second. Last night it took 2 attempts to start it (warm engine). I am wondering if this is a fuel pressure issue??? Also when i turn ignition on I dont hear a fuel pump run, Should I hear one run or not? Apart from that it drives very well indeed with no other issues. With regards to upgrades can fog lights and rear electric windows be retro fitted? Thanks in advance Dave
  2. Alarms

    Hi All, I have an 07 Focus 1.8TDCI Hatch, I will reserve my comment on the quality and performance. My problem is the alarm keeps on going off for no reason. I have checked all of the obvious clues doors closed, windows closed etc. There do not appear to be any interior sensors as indicated in the owners manual. I have booked it in at the local dealership but judging from thier initial response, we may be in for a lot of screaming and shouting. My neighbour has suggested that the alarm is going off because the car is parked on an incline at home. Any clues? JI