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  1. 1993 Ford Escort Tail Light

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum and I owned a jeep but a my sister recently got her license and bought this 93 ford escort cheap without my help. Anyway point being is sometimes you have to tap or hit the right rear tail light to light up and sometimes it works like normal. The drivers side and third brake light works fine. So I pulled the bulb and cleaned the very little corrosion out that was still there but it just started acting up again a day or two later. I'm on a tight budget and want to figure it out so incase it happens again I'll know what to do. I'm thinking its a ground problem but I don't want to be looking the entire car from the tail light to the fuse panel because it would take about two weeks for me to do. I was hoping someone ran into this before and found a fix for it or atleast able to narrow down what ground locations to look for. Any help what so ever would be much appreciated.
  2. 1995 Explorer Missing

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum and I don't own an explorer I actually have a jeep. Point being a good friend of mine and room mate has a 95 ford explorer that he bought without any knowledge of a miss in it until a couple weeks later. It doesn't happen every time he starts it or everyday he drives it. But randomly when he starts it, it almost sounds like he is running on 2 or 3 cylinders out of 6. He corrects it by laying on the gas for about three seconds despite me telling him it's not good for the truck but it seems like that fixes the problem. I checked the plugs, wires, changed the fuel filter, and cleaned out the throttle body more than once. There is also a heavy hesitation when using the gas pedal about half way down from a standing start. I was actually told by one shop that all those signs is a ford signiture but I don't by it. Any help and suggestions would be greatful.