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  1. Ok. I have disconnected the alternator, no drain tested it for the last hour or so, no drain. Reconnected the alternator and drain re-appears. Battery now 12.07v and 13.21v at idle which I guess means the garage was right in the first place. Is this my best option, I have seen some on ebay for £30 but I guess I am asking for trouble with those. http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Ford_Mondeo_2.0_2001/p/car-parts/car-electrics-and-car-lighting/electrical/alternator/?401590702&1&3223abeeab311ec68527eb17b6052a50e897afcb&000012 How much should pay to get it fitted?
  2. I have found the multifunction control module, I started removing all 5 connectors in turn and no difference to the drain. I have looked again at the power seat adjustment, and when everything is off (key out) the power seat still works, and when I press the button the interior light goes on and off. I disconnected the seat completely and there was no difference to the drain. I disconnected the interior light and no difference to the drain The only other thing I have noticed is that someone has removed both the footwell bulbs. I also tried disconnecting every connector under under the steering column I could find in turn and there was no difference to the drain. Is it possible that the modification that a previous owner did to turn off the seatbelt warning is an issue? Does anyone know how to reverse that modification? The only other thing is that the drain varies between 3.5a & 3.9a, if the drain isn't present it goes back to 0.02a, if I open a door the drain is 0.84a, but I have never seen a drain of between 4.34a -.4.74a (ie: both the drain and an open door) which I guess means it is something to do with the central locking? Of course I am now thinking of about 100 different possibilities, and I am not sure I have eliminated anything yet.
  3. The buzzing is definitely coming from the steering column (indicator stalk), no noise from either fuse box at all. The indicators work perfectly, and they come on when I unlock and lock the car. I have looked into F25 and it is actually the Central Timer Module that may also be the indicators. I followed a test/reset option as per another post on this website http://www.talkford.com/topic/202236-central-timer-module/ It beeped and I tested both stalks and everything seemed to test ok, I turned the ignition on and off and it beeped 4 times. Sadly I can still find the drain, still it is another item ticked off the list. I cant seem to locate any relays for indicators in either fuse box. Is it likely that as I can hear the buzzing in the steering column that the relay is in there?
  4. Ok, finally some progress. I double / treble checked and cleaned all the earths I could find, but especially the gearbox earth strap. I then went to continue the drain test, it immediately went to 3.9a (highest reading so far) and the was a buzzing noise coming from the steering column. I have checked and double checked and the problem is with the indicators! Fuse F25 (15a) removed takes the draw from 3.9a to 0.5a. It remains at 0.5a, the buzzing stops, but the indicators now make a sound as if the are going (but they aren't illuminated) which I guess is accounts for the 0.5a. So that is the good news, the bad news is I now have no idea what to do! Any suggestions would really be appreciated.
  5. The battery is charging properly, and maintaining approx 12.5v I could of held the button down too long but i am pretty sure I didn't as I didn't lock the car at all, since then I have tried to use the global opening/closing function, but it wont work! My plan is to remove F66 and see if I can replicate the drain. However, in the meantime I have had my wifes Mondeo MOT'd (passed with just an adjustment to the handbrake/pads :) ) Different garage to the one i took my mondeo to earlier this month. I spoke to the guy there and explained what the problem was with my car, and he was sure it was an earth strap issue. Either from the battery to the gearbox, or from the gearbox to the bodywork, he suggested I clean everything and double check the connections and cables before doing anything else. I am going to give this a try on Saturday morning, is there any test to confirm an earth is working?
  6. The draw reduced from 3.47a to .84a when i removed F66. F66 is still in, and I am driving as normal but disconnecting the battery each day at work and each night at home. I have disconnected the radio and checked the wiring, everything seems ok, and it made no difference. I am pretty sure it is not the radio. Some slightly more worrying news, I drove 20 miles to work, stopped at a garage for petrol, went in to pay and when I came out all the windows were down, nb: I didn't lock the car. (never seen this before) Starting to worry that my small electrical problem is becoming something bigger. Hopefully I will be able to test some more tomorrow am.
  7. Small update. This morning I checked the battery, it was drawing 3.47a. My son kept the meter on the battery, and I started removing fuses and relays from the glove box. First was the battery saving relay - No Change. I got to F66 and the draw went from 3.47a to 0.84a not ideal but I did have the passenger side door open. I am pretty sure that whatever the drain is, it starts approx 1 hour after leaving the car and is then permanently on. As soon as I connected the meter this morning it was at 3.47a. If that is the case then at least I know how to ensure the draw will be high when I return to the vehicle, which will make the drain test on the glovebox fuses much easier/quicker.
  8. After approx 4 hours of testing I had approx 4 minutes of finding the 3.61a drain and another 4 minutes of a 3.30a drain, in that time I checked most of the fuses in the engine bay, but none of the fuses in the glovebox. I stated trying to replicate the drain (open doors, put on lights etc) but nothing really worked. I started thinking that it only drained in low temp? or that it was something to do with the central locking as each time I touch the battery in line with my amp meter the locks click. Or that it is something that switches off/on after 20 minutes of no activity? I have also searched on the internet and there are a few instances of the battery saving relay failing and causing a drain? Pretty frustrating really, is something like this going to help? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Mondeo-OBD2-Fault-Code-Reader-Reset-Tool-1997-onwards-/171174693645?pt=UK_Diagnostic_Tools_Equipment&hash=item27dace8b0d I am pretty much committed to Mondeo's so something like this may well be an ongoing investment (looks a bit cheap but may help?)
  9. Ok last night my battery after 4 hours of charge 11.30pm 12.76v 9.05am 12.68v One 0.5m journey this morning battery now 12.51v I have had one reading on my meter of 3.61a all morning, in that time I checked all the relays and all the fuses in the fusebox and no change to the drain, even F30 and R5 ?? I can't get either of the connectors off the back of the alternator, where would I find the the bat+ connection? The only fuses/relays I didn't get the chance to check were F11 F20 F21 F13 F15 F24 R1 R3 R2 R4 I will keep trying, not sure if I have isolated the alternator yet or not? Paul
  10. I purchased two batteries in Jan 2014, one for my mondeo and one for my wifes mondeo. My battery is at 11.86v and my wifes is 12.37v, my battery is on charge and I will check the voltage tonight and then compare any drops in voltage on both tomorrow morning. I'll leave the fuse pulling until as you suggest my battery is at an acceptable level. I am assuming that this issue has had a negative effect on the battery. In hindsight I wish I had paid more attention to the voltage of the battery before. Thanks for your help Paul
  11. no the battery was not connected last night. I have a trickle charger which I a can put on now, what should the battery voltage be? Is it possible that the alternator is just no charging the battery enough, and the 0.09 drain is enough to stop the car starting?
  12. Sadly I don't have access or the kit for the ECU. My other issue would be that I cant replicate the drain. Is it practical to just remove the fuses for Interior lights / Cigar Lighter / Alarm and see what happens over a longer period?
  13. The only other thing that has been changed is the stereo it is currently a 5000rds tape stereo. Which means the steering column control stalk doesn't work. Pretty sure its not this however as I have already disconnected the stereo completely and the battery still drained overnight.
  14. Ok, I am now sure the alarm is working, I set the alarm, waited 20 seconds and then tried to open the bonnet. Alarm went off Ok.
  15. Nothing modified as far as I know. I do know the car had a new (recon) gearbox just before I purchased the car. I have checked and double checked the earths. Also someone has done the mod where you turn off the seatbelt warning light/noise, but I cant seem to reset that. I am now also pretty sure that the alarm isn't working, it seems to set ok with a double click of the key fob, but I cant set the alarm off? Is there a test to see if the alarm is working ok? (The horn works ok) Paul