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  1. Hi. So my ProSport coilovers which were £220 supposedly drop up to 100mm according to some websites. My car looks like its on 60mm springs. I am obsessed with low and i need low. Low enough that someone would think I'm not right in the head. Maybe I am lol. I'm on 15's and i just want the arches slightly past the tyre. Does anyone know any brands that go very low? I spoke to a guy from Venom Autosport and Fk Aks are basically the same apparently. I have also tried JOM bluelines and they are the same. Cheers
  2. I am buying a set of wheels at the end of the month but i can not decide between silver or gold!! They'll be 16s or 17s and the car will be slightly lowered Can someone photoshop these onto the car?
  3. New Rims Photoshop

    I need someone to put these rims on my car also if you can lower it to look around 70mm low. She's not much at the moment but she will be.