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  1. Had fords all my driving life - the old ones are the best!
  2. Mondeo 1.8 turbo diesel Estate

    its time comsuming but not too difficult. if you remove the inter cooller from the top of the engine you can easily access the turbo. they should only use one size of turbo on that engine - should be easy to find out the model.
  3. had the same problem with mine - had to take out the seat and manually lower it and put the seat back in again. its a bit fiddly but doable good luck!
  4. Plugs Change, 20,000 or Every 2 Years ??

    Change them every 2 years I change mine every 12 months regardless of mileage.

    the rule is if the handbrake cable goes to the caliper and there is no mini drum inside the disk then they are winding.
  6. check the speedo cable -- it might have worn inside. that'll be the easiest and cheapest thing to try first. if its not that check the clocks then the gearbox. but try the easiest one first ie the speedo cable!
  7. No Power!Sluggish

    yes i agree a good service can help - converting it to petrol is easy if you have the full donor car because i have done it myself.
  8. Before you take it to the garage again check the earth straps and the battery terminal as already said above.
  9. If its the chipped key - to reset it you need the red master key. or find someone locally to bypass it for you.
  10. Excessive fuel consuption

    i would have your sensors checked out mate. usually costs around £20 (for me in the past anyhow!) because it sounds like your oxygen sensor (which is usually screwed into the downpipe on the exhaust) i have had a similar problem a year or so ago.

    You need to take off the plastic covers that run down each side of the front windscreen. to see if the wiring is there. just because there is a plug at the back of the dash for the switch to plug into - that itself just goes to the fuse box. it doesnt mean the wires from the fuse box to the windscreen are there! Then you have to make sure you have the right fuse box with all the relays and fuses to power it because in my experience i have had mk5 and mk6 escorts there must be 20 different fuse boxes! If you want to put blue LEDs in i would find a second hand set of clocks, and experiement with them as its not as easy as you might think.
  12. my stuffed escort

    It could be the idle control valve if it has a flat spot on really low revs. it could also be the plugs/ leads/ injectors or just needs a good service. Let us know how you get on.
  13. Is it the chipped key model? my L reg wasnt a chipped key. If its not a chipped key ---- there is a black box behind the drivers side kick panel, which controls the alarm, the central locking and the immobilliser. sometimes you can unplug them then put them back and it will work. or you would have to replace it with another one from the scrapyard but it would have to be from the same model. that said - you can bypass it (if plugging them back in doesnt work). it could also be the fuse box - this is a common fault. let me know if its the chipped key or not and i'll explain more the last escort i had i bought cheap from the internet, this wouldnt turn over or start. i had to replace the fuse box and reset the fuel cut off switch - and it started. Gaz
  14. ford sierra 1.8 cvh engine

    It should fit straight on.