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  1. Misfire Focus - HELP

    Good evening all, I'll try and keep this short and to the point but if i do miss out any vital information just shout :) I have a 2005 Ford Focus GHIA 1.6 Recently my EML came on relating to a misfire. I had a diagnostic on the car that came back with P0302 (Misfire on cylinder two) Being the cheapest option i replaced the spark plus but to no avail - a garage then told me it would be the Coil pack and/or HT leads so these were also changed....again to no avail. They have now said it could possibly be an injector issue or possibly cylinder or piston issue....bring it bac next week so they can look properly. On getting the car back tonight though i decided to do another diagnostics though and since the new plugs, leads and coil pack i now get P0304 and NOT P0302...i, struggling to see how changing these items could possible make a different cylinder misfire? I'm stuck for thoughts...so any help or comment appreciated.
  2. Evening all, I'm hoping someone or some people can help with an issue i've got with my passenger front handle... How it all started - I locked car and went into a shop forgetting my wife was in car - the alarm went off, she opened/unlocked the car from the inside and ever since that day ive had issues (not knowing if shes pulled the full handle or the little bit above that which flicks in when you lock the car) Since this issues started with at times the door locking and not being unable to be unlocked/opened either from the inside or outside..........I then need to pull the silver mecanisim that moves in on the handle when u lock it, hold that out, then pull the silver handle to oepn it. Now im at the stage where the door just doesn't lock at all - have I broken the handle its-self or is it an electric problem perhaps no sending a signal to the handle? I'm sorry I've probably explained it poorly but I struggle to get the issue into words.
  3. Help With Boot Mechanism....

    again...cheers or the replies guys. I'll hope for some nice weather this weekend so i can get to it and have a look see if i can't fix it with some WD40 Is there a long term solution/anything i can do to protect the part?
  4. Help With Boot Mechanism....

    Hi, thanks for the reply - I didn't explain too well sorry - when i unlock the doors with the fob and try and open the boot using the handle between the number plate light nothing happens - I'll then have to press the boot button on the fob to make it 'pop' open... I therefore assume this isn't normal?
  5. Hi all, Well after buying my Focus MK2 2005 in Feb I've encountered what i believe to be my first issue.... If my memory serves me right when I pressed the key fob to unlock the car this used to unlock all the doors and also the boot - however now it seems the boot doesn't unlock with the doors The boots does however unlock when I press the boot button on the fob..... Any ideas? Focus MK2 2005, GHIA
  6. can i ask where the best place to get a got a ford short aerial is - are they genuine Ford?
  7. Hi all, I'm fairly new around here and though I might as well start a thread to document my changes/mod over my time here... It's my wifes 2005 Ghia after she sold her 2011 Fiat 500 Twinair+ as we now have a baby due in April and this will be our 'Family Car' - that said i love modding cars to some degree - normally sticking to OEM parts....anyway, here goes.... Standard Ghia when bought: I'd personally love an ST replica but with it not being mine and baby on the way we'll see how funds go....but so far in my head plans are: Interior: Radio surround - DONE Silver gear knob Heater dials Garage door? Genuine Ford Mats Heated seats Chrome hand brake? MK2.5 radio? Seats if do ST parts Engine: Air filter – unsure which one i need Bonnet lifters Sound deadening Exterior: Debadge? Remove GHIA badges? Alloys Aerial – Shorter Mist washers – think mine are heated? Calipers Red, Brake Drums Black Front grille black surround Lower? ST – Front, Rear, Skirts and spoiler Inspiration from other threads seen: Lights interior? Pedals? Bulbs ST wing mirrors DMB gel overlay badges Smooth rear wiper arm Black interior parts and roof 19/02/14 - today was my first mod, after receiving stereo removal keys in the post From this: To this: Like i mention - rest of the mods might be slow but some are cheap :D 28/02/14 - Nexxt was my silver gear knob - although it's not leather like the old one i do prefer the silver insert - fitting it was a two minute job however it did get me thinking as to what other options there are out there....... what next.............................?!
  8. 2005 Ghia Badge Removal

    I do think I'd prefer the babes off full stop and was tempted to just keep applying 'back to black' on the panels :) I did try to search eBay for panel but wasn't too sure what to type in, I've come across none so far...I just thought this could be my first cheap mod
  9. 2005 Ghia Badge Removal

    thank you for the prompt reply :) that just leaves me with the headache of to remove or keep :( the badges themselves are faded so could do with changing at least - but if they are faded the then black plastic will undoubtedly be faded
  10. 2005 Ghia Badge Removal

    Hi all, i did try a search on the app before it threw up too many results and none seemed to answer the question.... My wife's 2005 Focus Ghia - if we remove the Ghia badges from the rear 1/4s (next to the rear windows) what is under them? a hole holding the badge on or are they merely just stuck on? Thanks in advance :)
  11. Hi all, just thought i'd introduce myself - been hovering around for a couple of weeks now after deciding to purchase a 2005 Ford Ficus Ghia.... I myself own a 206 GTi, however after finding out my wife was pregnant in the summer always knew she'd need to sell her 2001 FIAT 500 Twinair Plus - and after going between Honda Civics and Ford Focus' found the one we now own with a FSH, 50,000 miles at a price we couldn't ignore :) Very impressed with it so far when i get to drive it on weekends and have a few plans but with it being our family car i'm not sure just how quick i'll get around to them... Anyway - speech over - hope to give my input where i can and hopefully learn a thing of two too...