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  1. Thank you - I ment more because it is now getting to 80k miles I wanted to see if there was anyone that can do it for cheaper than a garage in my area that someone has used before.
  2. Hi all, Anyone know of where I can get my Fiesta serviced with a stamp in the log book for cheaper than the dealers? Mine is due it's 80k major service which I have been quoted £180 for the value service at a Ford dealership. I am located in Medway in Kent and it is a 56 plate TDCI Zetec-s. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Replaced all 3 seals on the 1 injector over the weekend, she is a lot smoother but still mis firing, only happens when the engine is cold, and between 500 and 1000 revs it makes the whole car jerk. Worth blocking off the EGR valve? Any other ideas at all please?
  4. Hi all, I have a 56 plate TDCi zetec-s fiesta with around 76000 miles on it - full service history. My car has recently started giving a few issues, the main one now seems to be something to do with the injectors. When the engine is cold it jerks especially at just under 1k revs. It then started making a noise every now and then almost like a lister engine; We had a look today and could see some coke around one of the injectors; Any ideas on whether this is a sticky injector or the injector seal? Thanks, AJ
  5. Hi Everyone

    Hi all, Just thought I'd introduce myself. I currently dont own a ford, but am looking to trade in my pug 207 for a 1.6 diesel fiesta zetec s. Looking forward to get some advice, problems to look out for, etc from everyone :) AJ