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  1. Black Panther Or Deep Impact Blue

    Deep Impact Blue is stunning .... really sparkles in the sun nice flake pop.. But i am slightly biased ... had a choice of colours but the DIB was a easy winner
  2. Mountune Goodness

    From what i've been told everyone should be able to get this for under £400 unless the dealer is taking the phiss
  3. Mountune Goodness

    Not a bad price that mate Im sure you gonna love it :)
  4. Mountune Goodness

    Not sure what to do with the stickers yet, will give it some thought :) Looking good willy sir.... What's the dealer charging you for the re-map if you don't mind me asking ?
  5. Mountune Goodness

    Mountune Goodies arrived and fitted
  6. Waxing Your Car.

    i use hellshine abyss wax in the summer and collonite for a more durable finish in the bad weather.. As above a polish is used to improve the appearance of the paintwork by removing a very thin layer of paint ... Wax or sealants provides a last stage protection.... sealing in all your hardwork Claying before all these stages will remove any bonded contaminants (tar/tree sap/brake dust) and provide you with the perfect base to start from
  7. You had a dud then ... Should have taken it back You clearly chose the wrong car for you, can't see why it took you 4 months to realise this ?? Did you not test drive it 1st ?? Anyone who upgrades from a ecoboost to a ST in such a short space of time never really did their homework in the 1st place
  8. MattDRX - 'The 1.0 is out of breath after 60MPH, try pulling out on the Motorway to overtake, it struggles to hit 70 the gear ratios are way to long for a little engine like that.' Sorry mate that's just nonsence, My ZS 125 Ecoboost is still pulling hard at 90MPH (Don't drive this speed everywhere honest ;) ) You love your ST we get it, but talking out your bottom and quoting ridiculous made up stats just make you look a fool
  9. Fabric Protector

    i use this.... Amazing product Retreat once a year for full protection http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/interior/wolf-39-s-chemicals-nano-textile-sealant/prod_1057.html
  10. Best Way To Clean Seats?

    This stuff is brilliant http://www.autobritedirect.co.uk/index.php/fab-interior-upholstery-cleaner.html worth a go mate
  11. New Titanium On Order - How To Fill 6 Weeks?

    Yeah i was a bit underwhelmed when they released the specs for the mountune upgrade but as i got a great deal on it (and i need to keep warranty) i thought it was worth it Got to say it feels like much more than a 10bhp upgrade, very smooth now with little lag and power at tap all through the gears Very pleased with it
  12. New Titanium On Order - How To Fill 6 Weeks?

    Here's my ZS in deep impacy blue You are right it does appear different depending on the lighting Lovely flake pop when the sun hits it... :)
  13. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Gave my ZS a good clean yesterday with a couple of coats of Hellshine abyss wax...
  14. Dress Up Kit For Facelift Mk7 Fiesta

    sorry wrong thread
  15. What Do You Clean Your Car With?

    You will be hard beat to find better products than the autobrite range http://www.autobritedirect.co.uk/