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  1. thanks for that :D :D you have made my day, time to get a sports cat thanks again :D:D
  2. FOCUS03ST170


    Hi iv been told sports cats will fail an mot is this true ??????
  3. lol how much u charge and would u travel as far as inverness lol
  4. Thank you very much that sounds good to me ill enquire into it any other tips you have a smart focus cheers again
  5. Really that sounds good how much would i be looking at for a re map and if i added a bluefin aswell would that knock on the door of 200bhp
  6. Hi guys i have a nice st 170 03 plate and want to give her a bit off a boost in the bhp but i have heard there is not much that can be done the st170 i have added a K&N typhoon induction kit and a 4" scorpion cat back system so far is there any thing else i can do that could take me to near 200 bhp mark or over without having to fit a turbo charger lol any suggetions greatly appriciated......