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  1. Radiator Cooling Fan

    Well to my knowledge, the only thing that will allow your cooling fan to run after the engine has stopped and the car's electrics have been switched off is its heat-activated switch (thermostat). Whether or not this is the same thermostat that controls your temperature gauge i don't know. The ECU has nothing to do with it, and even if it did, it wouldn't take the remaining charge of your battery into account. Unfortunately im only rocking a fiesta manual myself so i couldn't comment on which relay/fuse is which, but i CAN promise you once the electrics are switched off the relays are isolated and if a fuse had blown the fan wouldn't run at all. Good luck getting to the bottom of it, im glad i could at least be of help unplugging the fan and let me know how it goes. This'll bug me for weeks otherwise. Lol
  2. Radiator Cooling Fan

    Hence it probably being a faulty thermostat. Sometimes they just stick open with age and a slight raise in heat or it could even just have shorted. Double check your fluids etc for a root cause, your fans obviously working but maybe your radiator could be obstructed. If you want to just isolate the fan, the plug will be along the front of the engine bay, the wires to it will extend rom the motor of the fan.
  3. Radiator Cooling Fan

    Sounds like a faulty thermostat to me. If the engine believes that it's too hot your cooling fan will continue to run even when it's no longer ticking. This is a safety feature so I don't think pulling fuses and relays will make a blind bit of difference to be honest. There's a plug inside your engine bay leading to your cooling fan that you can use to isolate the fan, but this thermostat needs to be changed (it can't be fixed) and the fan needs to run so once your engine's warm I'd plug it back in.
  4. Repairs Help Ls - Conks When Coasting, Acceleration Probs.

    I had a similar problem with my old bike, your engine isnt idling and by dumping it down a gear you're basically bump starting your engine mid-flight. A lot of crap builds up in an engine over time, flushing the oil sump, changing the oil and filter may help and is worth doing every year anyhow. Infact a good service would be my first stop. Plugs, fluids and filters are the cause of so much greif and looking after the basics truly looks after the car. Try and find out if theres a way to adjust your idle-speed manually, if the service doesn't work, and if not look into flushing or replacing your idle control float. There's a million things that could cause your engine to die a death though, and if its truly old there may not be much you can do yourself.
  5. Fiesta Engine Warning Message

    It cant hurt to change them fella, but before you do try erasing the error code and seeing if the engine light comes back on. Sometimes the codes come up for a different reason to what you may necessarily think, it may not be the plugs themselves, it could be a loose connection or even a faulty sensor. I dont know enough about diesels to give you a run-through but if the car's running mint I'd start by deleting the code and checking the connection's sound.
  6. Afternoon Guys :)

    Just saying hello and introducing myself. My names Alex, i learned to drive and gave up bikes a year ago due to first son being born. Im a keen tinkerer and after owning two hockingly bad scrap heaps (fiat sciento, 1999 ford Ka) Ive finally landed a tidy 1.4 fiesta zetec (5door). Thanks to my years bike maintaince and terrible states of my previous cars ive become quite knowledgeable in the art of basic maintenance, diagnostics (ODB & the old fashioned methods) and quite recently Ive taken up a course in Auto-electrics and vehicle diagnosis (keeps me off the streets like!). Thats about it really! :)