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  1. hello kuga owners

    Well the boss has test driven it and really liked it, only problem for my wife was she couldn"t reach the accelerator with her foot on the floor!!!! putting an extra thick mat in and wondering if you can get accelerator extension pedal of some sort????
  2. hello kuga owners

    well test drove it today liked it a lot put a deposit on it the missus to test drive it on Sat if she likes then its go go go!!!!!
  3. hello kuga owners

    Could well be the next Kuga owner to join you on hare, looked at an 08 plate today to replce my beloved Mondeo, liked what i saw guys bringing it down for me to test drive in the week will keep you posted.
  4. Oil Filter Change

    Thanks Min the 2nd one is just the job.
  5. Hi want to change my Oil on my Mondeo and wondered if its a special tool to undo the oil filter housing? or just a big spanner size no idea?? Thanks Eggsy
  6. Wet rear footwell

    well at long last i think i have finally cured my leak. Took the door card off hosed the door and a tiny but constant drip was dripping from the foam membrane. decided to take the foam off to reseal and found the speaker was wet aswell! the water comes in through the window hits the speaker runs around the speaker housing and down the back of the foam where there is a small hole in the sealer!!ive put a plastic flap over the back off the speaker to deflect the water and resealed the foam hopefully thats fixed it just waiting for some rain now!!! which is not something i often say. hope this helps any one else having a similar problem!
  7. Wet rear footwell

    Heres a bit of an update on my footwell problem. took the inside trims off yeaterday and stood outside with the hose for a while. no leaks found put it all back together and tucked a clear plastic bag under the trim to determine wether the water was coming over the top of the trim or underneath? luckily had a good downpour last night went to the car and the biggest puddle was sitting on the bag! opened the door and there was a 2 inch wet patch on the trim near the centre door pillar. the trim all around the door was dry so im stuck as to where its getting in apart from the door panel but that does not feel wet? slowly slowly getting there but getting frustrated now.
  8. Wet rear footwell

    nothing sounds stupid where cars are concerned will check that out just in case.took it to my local garage and he says they have had cars stripped right down to find those faults with no luck! he suggested taking the plastic trm up at the bottom of the door and then hosing it outside to see if i can see it running down any where ,will be trying that later aswell.
  9. glow light flashing

    cleaned mine in the summer made a real difference to fuel consumption messy but worth it
  10. Wet rear footwell

    Well had a good look today and could see nothing wrong at all with the foam door panel, checked all the rubber sealer around the door aswell that was all fine just a bit of water sitting on the seal at the bottom. just going to have to sit in there next time it rains to see if i can see anything untoward.
  11. Mondeo 2.0 TDCI...

    Both the cars i was looking at when i changed mine earlier in the year. got the Mondeo in the end only for the fact the Passats were holding there price better. dont think there is a lot to choose between them to be honest. I think the Passat is better looking though.
  12. Wet rear footwell

    Thanks min will have another look today to see that its stuck properly all the way around.
  13. Just wondering if any one has had this problem before? My rear drivers side footwell is soaking in a previous car i took the door panel off to find the plastic mebrane underneath had come away from the door! this fixed the problem so i took the door panel off today and there is a foam panel underneath that was securely fixed! is there a membrane under this foam or does any one no what this problem is! ive checked the drainage holes but they seemed clear?
  14. Hi ive been having trouble with my brake sticking on and heating up, and put a second hand caliper on. Unfortunately this does the same after drivng distance with regular braking it starts squeaking and heating up! I didnt think it was the handbrake cable as surely it would do it as soon as you released the handbrake?? or am i wrong??
  15. mondeo ghia mk3 (programming the key)

    So if i bought a spare remote key off e bay i could get it cut and programme it myself????? is it that easy??