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  1. Riot Bodykit Mk6 Swap

    It is his first car so go gentle on him Shane
  2. Riot Bodykit Mk6 Swap

    Hello People I am here on behalf of my cousin who has bought a mk6 with a riot body kit, but its not practical so he is looking to replace it back to standard. Would any 1 be interested in the kit, do a swap with money his way (has to be black so can bolt straight on), obviously the backbox will need to be swapped over aswell He is located in Lowestoft Suffolk There is no rush to do this so wont be excepting daft offers Cheers Shane
  3. Grinding/clicking Noise

    Hello People I'm more or less certain what is wrong but i'm just after a bit more confirmation. Basicly i have a knocking/clicking noise when turning (left or right), there is a bit of play on both driveshafts (which just got pulled as an advisery on the mot) also there is inside edge tyre wear on the nearside wheel. Now the grinding noise i think is the outer cv joint (no leak or split on any of the gaitors) The wheel wear i think is a ball joint, but could that of caused the cv joint to go !Removed! up? I'll be lowering it soon but i just want to make sure everything is alright. It's a MK1.5 1.8TDDi Estate Cheers Shane
  4. Juicy TDDi

    Thats brilliant, thank you for your reply, i've just ordered some millers, it has actually got 17's on it, which i'm looking to take off very soon (will be up for sale ;) ) It hasnt long had a service, but i do need to get a fuel filter. I have read some where that you can get an egr bypass for these, do you know where i could get 1 or any sort of instruction so i coule do it myself, i think its still a bit blocked up which isnt going to help. Thanks Shane
  5. The ol womans focus

    In need of dropping,
  6. Juicy TDDi

    Hello People My missus focus 52 plate 1.8tddi seems to be using alot of diesel its running roughly 40mpg, i cleaned the EGR valve out 2 weeks ago (i couldnt believe the amount of crap that was in it) Does any 1 know what this could possibly be? Also just out of interest does any 1 know what the best software is to use with an ELM327, i cant seem to get any to talk to the ecu. Shane
  7. Focus Estate

    Pic of the old womans Focus
  8. Hello People I have just bought the ol woman a Focus TDDi Estate (52) I'm more into Rovers myself but she wanted this car So is there anything i've got to look out for Shane