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  1. Any Problems Maf Sensors Anyone

    Took air mass sensor out and cleaned,reinstalled, car struggles to start, white smoke coming out of exhaust, (no loss of coolant), got no turbo boost, engine runs lumpy,foot full of accelerator and struggles to pick up. Egr valve also cleaned, checked turbo pipes for splits, none found,turbo actuator arm free and smooth so no big drama there, no other codes coming up
  2. Code read on 2200 tdci brought up p0100, circuit malfunctioned, does this happen often, quite an expensive part,£160ish
  3. No Turbo Boost 2.2 Mondeo

    Took egr valve earlier on to check for carbon etc, didn't look to bad to be honest, also took inlet manifold off as well, again looks good. Had to take inlet off anyway to test glow plugs, found 2 not working, so 2 birds 1 stone in a way,and found that both glow plugs that need changing are seized in well tight :( . Gonna soak inlet manifold and egr overnight in some brake cleaner
  4. Mondeo 2.2 no pulling power at all, turbo not boosting up, once above 2200 rpm engine will pull but without turbo,having to change down gears to keep engine revs high to get up hills etc. Engine management light came on and code read pointed to air mass meter and egr valve fault,checked all boost pipes for splits none found. Bugged