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  1. Didz

    Capri, Probe And Cougars Owner Needed!

    Ok so the place that we where taking the photos have just pulled us off from the site :( But we now have a definate confirmed date of the 19th June :D We are limited on car space so if you would like to be in the photo for the flyer / poster then please let me know ASAP :D :) Didz
  2. Didz

    Capri, Probe And Cougars Owner Needed!

    Hey all, The photos are happening this comming Saturday (15th) If you are intrested in comming then please let me know ASAP! :D :) Didz
  3. Hey all, I'm doing an event later this year and I need to take photos for the flyer! If you have a Capri, Probe or Cougar and can get to Guildford on the 15th May 10am-1pm please let me know ASAP! :) :D :) :D Didz
  4. Hi all, Has anyone chipped their MK2 V6 Modeo yet?? I've got a Cougar which uses the V6 from the MK2.... Need some more power but I've never chipped an engine before. Help!!! Thanks, Didz
  5. Didz

    South East Meets??

    Hi all, Will there be any South East meeting happening?? Didz
  6. Didz


    Hi all, Does anyone know where i can get an Escort Van bulkhead or cage for behind the seats?? Thanks, Didz
  7. Didz

    Homepage is screwed

    I second that. I went to the page and got rather confused!! Don't want this site to close!! It's all I look at all day!! :D :D :D
  8. Didz

    Anyone 17-20 live in essex??

    Hi gilb-fezzy-01, I have a Cougar and live in Leatherhead, if you fancy a meet up some where in the middle let me know, say around Dartford?? Didz
  9. Didz


    Yeh another Cougar owner!! Welcome!! What version (details) is it?? Didz
  10. Didz

    Horror Stories

    The best one I have is with a Mondeo work car. We had a slight miss hap involving some road cones, a lorry and a sleeping driver! To cut it short our Mondeo was side swipped and ended up with both doors, wings damage. We had it recovered to a local Ford dealer. After 3 weeks wait i got a phone call to say they where about to look at it. another 2 weeks later they phoned me to say that they were not sure on what the damage was, so i ended up going down there, it's not hard to miss the damage! When i get to the garage i find them looking at a Focus not our Mondeo.... So after a lot (lots and lots) of argument and shouting i find out that the whole time they where actually looking at the wrong car!! Wait....... Our Mondeo was stolen out of their yard and torched around the corner and they had not noticed!!! Our lawyers sent them court action and they sent back a out of court settlement, 3 brand new fully specked Mondeo's and a Focus for me!! :D :D B) A very bad start but a good finish!! Didz
  11. Didz

    Surrey Meet up

    Hi guys and girls, Does anyone fancy a meet up in Surrey, put some faces to names. Have a drive, lunch at a pub, drive some more (if everyone wants) and pub for evening drinks!! :) Didz
  12. Thanks For The Add. (:

  13. Hi Guys, Does anyone know what's the best (which isn't too expensive) induction kit for the MK2 V6?? Thanks, Didz
  14. Didz

    Introductions .....

    Hi, I'm Didz! I'm 24, and beardie! I currently have the Cougar V6 (X-Pack) and lovin it! I'm in the area of Jn 9 M25 (Leatherhead) if anyone's around and fancy's a meet up??!! Always loved Fords before the Cougar I had the Mondeo 2L LX saloon! p.s. loving the pictures Debz!! Didz :D
  15. Didz

    My Cat

    This is my Cougar V6