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  1. Happy Birthday Lee91!

  2. My Fiesta Mk7.5 Zs

    Nathan where did you get the DMB overlay and was it easy enough to apply etc have always liked the look as I have a red fiesta ST and wanted to have it done. Lee.
  3. Fiesta Metal Vs Fiesta St

    Have to completely agree with Hannah. I had a metal and enjoyed it thoroughly for just under a year and have had my ST now for around 3 weeks and there is just no comparison the ST is in a league of its own! Lee.
  4. Big Fiesta And Focus Meet!

    I live in Birmingham don't mind travelling a while though to come along! Lee.
  5. Ford Fiesta St

    Hi Nick, Looks good mate, enjoyed it from the word go always been a fiesta man since my first car but this ST takes it to a whole new level! Feel privileged been your first post haha. Throw a few more pics up if you get the opportunity mate! Lee.
  6. Ford Fiesta St

    Jordan, Looks smart in white and first one I've seen on a 14 plate! You enjoying the car mate? What did you drive before the ST? Lee.
  7. Ford Fiesta St

    Hannah, Post a few pics when you pick up Stevie tomorrow ;) haha. Cheers, Lee. Ford OC.
  8. Ford Fiesta St

    Sounds good. I was thinking of the Mountune upgrade 215bhp sounds too tempting. Anyone got any experience of it or know anyone who has had it done? Cheers, Lee. Ford OC.
  9. Ford Fiesta St

    Phil, Never been to one before but would deffo be interested in going! I must admit I do like the clio too, enjoyed watching the episode on last series top gear if you guys caught it? Hannah, Exact same reason I decided to change up, did have a lot of fun in the metal too though but notice such a difference driving the ST! You took one out for a test drive? Cheers, Lee. Ford OC.
  10. Ford Fiesta St

    Thanks Leroy! The project page looks good mate. Interested to see the finished article too! Cheers, Lee. Ford OC.
  11. Ford Fiesta St

    That's funny I traded my black fiesta metal in for the same thing! You gone for the ST2? Best decision I made, you'll notice such a difference! Cheers, Lee. Ford OC.
  12. Ford Fiesta St

    Hi Leroy, What is the fiesta in your pic mate? Looks like a Zetec S, or have you started to upgrade the body kit? Colour looks cool! Cheers, Lee. Ford OC.
  13. Ford Fiesta St

    Hi Phil, How do I check out your gallery? Cheers, Lee. Ford OC.
  14. Ford Fiesta St

    Hi Guys New to Ford OC and just setting up a topic focused on the New Fiesta ST as I can't seem to find one on here! Would love to see pics and hear info from any new Fiesta ST owners! Not long had mine and find it a dream to own! Look forward to hearing from you all! Cheers, Lee. Ford OC.