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  1. 05 1.8 Tdci Engine Cutout Lights On Dash

    I've been reading various threads about immobiliser faults and I've worked out s fault code according to the immobiliser light flashes. Im getting code 16 or 1, 6. Anyone know what this stands for, I've also checked fuse no 30 under the bonnet, its fine. I read on another thread that if this fuse is blown it can result in fault code 16 or 1, 6
  2. 05 1.8 Tdci Engine Cutout Lights On Dash

    Autospark connected his diagnostic equipment to the car and a whole list of faults came up, he said there is an electrical fault with this car, thats why he took out the fuse box, I told him when the car is parked up and locked for the night the wipers and alarm sometimes go when it rains, he said water must be getting into the fuse box, and when he removed it he showed me the corrosion(what I explained earlier)
  3. 05 1.8 Tdci Engine Cutout Lights On Dash

    Right, update regarding my cars trouble, I was driving home from work, I was about a mile from work and the car cut out 3 times within about 200 yds, after the 3rd time cutting out and trying to start the car again the immobiliser light flashed rapidly, and the engine wouldn't turn over nevermind start, power in the battery was running out, so I tried to boost the battery with a friends work van, that didnt work either, so I was towed to the autospark, he took out the fusebox, took it apart and he showed me corrosion on the circuit board, so he steeped it in electrical cleaner to loosen the corrosion, put it all back together and the car still wont start. He said the immobiliser light was still flashing, Does anyone know what might be wrong, or what I might do to stop the immobiliser light from flashing so the car will start.
  4. Hi all, driving the car yesterday and in traffic the engine cut out and all the lights on the dash came on, clock went off and was replaced by a series of dashes, so I rolled to a parking space, turned the key as if to turn engine off(it already off cause it cutout), I waited a few seconds and the car started, but 2 lights were still lit on the dash, the engine management light and the other is the multi function warning light: Automatic transmission/cooling system, I looked in the owners manual and this light means the engine haf shuts down to protect its self, This has happened twice in a week, can anyone shed some light on this please, thanks Mark.