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  1. Fixes most things. Not very good for dents though. H
  2. It's the person that runs the forum, silly. H
  3. If Autoglass are involved it's a miracle the screen is even still in. They fit a screen to one of my cars once. Never again. H
  4. I have to get a better PC monitor. H
  5. Without a physical examination it’s not easy to give a definitive answer but given the position of the damage on the door I would suggest that this is a stone chip which has started the lacquer to peel and damp or a pressure wash has led it to peel further. if it was a manufacturing problem Ford would pay but we really don’t see many issues of this type. I know it is a lot but I would go with the more expensive quote. Silver/grey is not easy to paint or match and it needs doing properly. H
  6. Makes your washing smell nice. H
  7. It might be the Body Control Module has locked up. After the original bulbs were refitted and they worked, try refitting the LED's. H
  8. Yes, I've set it up on a few cars now, Mondeo's and Edge's. As long as you have memory seats it should work. Hamster
  9. Also, they are the wrong position for DRL and would invalidate the homologation data for the European Edge. They used to be called the construction and use regulations and almost certainly doing it would be an MOT failure. Don't do it. H
  10. Some software updates can be performed by the user but these are limited to Sync3, Software and Maps. All the others need a connection to the Ford Computer 'IDS'. It would be interesting (for me anyway) to know which Ford Dealer it was as they are talking absolute rubbish. Print this out and show them, report back what they say. H
  11. They, Ford, can supply it. The companies you are dealing with cannot source it. H
  12. As I explained earlier, I suspect this is not a 'Ford' originated problem. There may well be a problem, but as far as I can gather it is with the local sourcing of the part and the repairers, not the actual origin of the part. I understand you don't want to go through this again but in this instance 'Ford' as manufacturer has not done anything wrong and 'it won't be Ford' is a reaction too far. I'm out. H
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