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  1. The new one will probably be the same as its not actually a fault, but, now they've tried to 'fix' it everyone thinks its a fault. It's not the cost its the expectation and the disappointment if the replacement part is actually the same. One of the reasons Ford, and other manufacturers, mention this in the Manuals. HTH H
  2. Overheard this in a Dealer. "I want some of the pads this customer has. Last years health check said there was 6mm left, now you want me to tell them there is 7mm left. How is that?" H
  3. They almost certainly won't need the tool.............................. H
  4. I love mine, works any time its needed. Great for hotel car parks where you can sit in the warm and watch BMW owners getting their hands cold. H
  5. Which dealer is it Martin? H
  6. Oh, that's not good. Try a Master Reset. H
  7. I'm not sure what you did 'for a while' but I'm lucky enough not to work for a franchise, independent or even in retail. I'm not customer facing, thank God, and have never had to 'upsell' anything. Some people would though describe me (and colleagues) as completely GaGa. H
  8. Well it does to me. I've seen many an issue or a fault which if caught earlier would have been easier or less expensive to fix. A quick off-the-top analogy might be a split CV Joint Boot, caught at three or six or even 12 months might just need a CV Boot. Leave it two years and you are looking at all the grease has washed out and you need a new CV Joint. Its what i do and you don't have to agree with me. As I said personal choice. H
  9. Whatever is your personal choice. I worry if a vehicle is driven by someone with no mechanical knowledge at all, two yearly inspections are not close enough together to spot potentially dangerous issues. I still know folks who change the oil and filter twice a year, every 6,000 miles, as we did in the 80's. I also know some people who buy a car and never have it serviced at all. My thoughts in the previous post are what I do. H
  10. I would hope I passed the qualification point in Fordology years ago! Against all professional advice here is what i would suggest. Time or Mileage.................. If you do a lot of miles, as I do, get the car serviced at 18K mile intervals, small service, extended service, small service, extended service etc. If you don't do the miles, get it serviced at least once a year on it's birthday, small, large etc. Definitely, at two years or 36K, get the gearbox oil and filter changed on the PowerShift's. It's expensive but well worth it. Two years between services is too long unless you are a technician and sometimes even if you are. HTH H
  11. I wouldn't normally advocate complaining to Ford but this issue keeps coming up. Ford Dealers propagate the notion that some vehicles are on two year service intervals and the Roadside Assistance Cover is affected by this. It really should be clearer. H
  12. Ah right, that's OK then.......... Now, I'm never one to shy away from an illicitly gained piece of cool software but, a Ford Sync3 map update, via a German\Polish Forum, from a Russian download site has got to be risky. Don't forget that you are updating a £37k car with a file that started its life in Russia. The Northern Norwich bypass you speak of is probably the one near Vladivostok. H
  13. Interesting you got Version F8 as the latest one usually available is F7. F8 is not even 'out there' yet. Did you specifically ask for it or was just by chance? H
  14. A TSB is a Technical Service Bulletin from Ford. If the vehicle is under warranty a dealer should fix it. Just tell them the issue and quote the TSB and they can take a look. The clips aren't missing, although an early fix was to remove the old ones. The revised clips stop the panels flappy about. H
  15. The noise, flappy sound, from underneath are the under-shields, both sides. It can be easily fixed by carrying out TSB 2066\2018. Which installs new clips. H