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  1. Locking Wheel Nuts

    A Ford dealer can supply a key. H
  2. LED Replacement Bulbs

    Hi David Good post. The fog lamp covers do come off. Liberally squirt WD40 all around where the cover meets the bumper. Get a plastic wedger or credit card sized plastic tool and gently prise the trim towards the front of the car until you can get a finger in and just pull it forward. The lubricant helps it come off and it just snaps back on. The two Torx screws are obvious. H
  3. Stoplock

    Let them have it, spend the money on GAP. That way you get a new car. H
  4. Windscreen Wipers

    @kelvin1950 In a previous life, I might have been the human you were shouting at. "I don't care what they feel or appreciate". just about sums it up. Now, when I listen to customers in front of receptionists, it makes me very glad I'm not public facing anymore. H
  5. Windscreen Wipers

    I'm sure the dealer staff really appreciate that approach. H
  6. Sunroof Won't Close

    It could be the sliding roof channels are full of debris. It needs opening, the channels cleaning thoroughly and lubricating and then it should be OK. H
  7. Snow

    Mine also, pulled away, stopped and cornered all without any drama on some pretty treacherous rural East Yorkshire roads. H
  8. Intelligent AWD Display

    It doesn't do side to side only front to rear. All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Systems - All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Systems - Overview Print Report An Error Description and Operation General Information. The AWD (all-wheel drive) system comprises the following components: transfer box Propeller shaft Rear drive unit with integrated active torque coupling Rear drive halfshafts AWD module The AWD system is an active system. It responds to wheel slip between the front and rear axles to transfer torque to the rear wheels before the slip occurs. The AWD system is active all the time and requires no input from the driver. The AWD system continuously monitors driving conditions and automatically adjusts the torque distribution between the front and rear wheels. During normal operation, most of the torque is delivered to the front wheels. If wheel slip between the front and rear wheels is detected, the vehicle is under heavy acceleration or the vehicle is in a handling maneuver, the AWD system increases the duty cycle to the active torque coupling (ATC) solenoid. The ATC solenoid meshes a control coupling into the rear drive unit, which sets a ball ramp device in motion. The ball ramp device applies the main clutch pack in the rear drive unit and increases torque to the rear wheels as necessary. When the AWD system is functioning properly, there should be no perceived speed difference between the front and rear axles when launching or driving the vehicle on any uniform surface. AWD control and fault indicators Using inputs from various module/systems, the PCM (powertrain control module) sends a command to the AWD relay module which controls the amount of torque sent to the rear wheels by sending a PWM (pulse width modulation) duty cycle to the active torque coupling solenoid. AWD system faults are indicated by a driveline icon indicator in the IPC (instrument panel cluster) as well as the "Check AWD" message in the message center. Spare wheel and mismatched tire sizes If the spare tire is installed, the AWD system may disable automatically and enter FWD (front wheel drive) only mode to protect driveline components. If the AWD systems detects one tire is 5% larger or smaller than the other tires, it may also disable the AWD system. This status can be indicated by a "AWD OFF" message in the message center. If there is a "Check AWD" message in the message center from using the spare tire, this indicator should turn off after reinstalling the repaired or replaced normal road tire and cycling the ignition OFF and ON. It is recommended to reinstall the repaired or replaced road tire as soon as possible. Major dissimilar tire sizes between the front and rear axles could cause the AWD system to stop functioning and default to FWD to protect the AWD system from damage. If this condition occurs, a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) is set and a "Check AWD" message is displayed in the message center. AWD bar code identification The vehicle's AWD system controls the active torque coupling using a solenoid. Due to response rate differences within the AWD hardware, the PCM must know the response rate of the active torque coupling. This can be achieved by programming the bar code information for the active torque coupling into the PCM. The PCM uses this bar code information to match the clutch characteristics of the active torque coupling solenoid with the desired output torque. If the bar code information does not match the PCM information, driveline damage or driveability concerns can occur. When replacing the PCM, the new PCM must therefore be configured with the bar code information of the existing active torque coupling solenoid. Installation position of the bar code sticker with the configuration data for the active torque coupling Item Description 1 Bar code sticker for active torque coupling solenoid Configuration of the active torque coupling NOTE: Rear drive unit damage or driveability concerns can occur if the bar code information for the active torque coupling solenoid is wrong. NOTE: The 4-digit numerical bar code can be found on the sticker on the rear drive unit. AWD driving cycle NOTE: A careful driving style and respect for the rules of the road are vital. 1. Carry out 3 accelerations from 0-48 km/h (0-30 mph) in a straight line. Perform this process with the accelerator pedal at the low engine speed position, medium engine speed position and at the wide open throttle position. Make sure that there is no perceptible slipping of the front wheels. 2. On dry road, drive the vehicle at 8 km/h (5 mph) with the steering wheel turned to full lock. Make sure that no "straining" of the power transmission system occurs. Active torque coupling solenoid The active torque coupling solenoid is integrated in the rear drive unit and applies clutch pressure as controlled by the AWD relay module to increase or decrease torque to the rear wheels. The rear drive unit transfers torque from the drive shaft to the rear wheels depending on the specific request from the FWD system module (PCM). AWD relay module The AWD relay module receives the command from the PCM, and in turn supplies a PWM output to the active torque coupling solenoid for the requested torque to be applied.
  9. Adaptive steering malfunction

    Which garage? There is an update on IDS for this which only takes a couple of hours. H

    OMG, I used to be indecisive, now I'm not sure sure! H
  11. Email address for ford complaints/reject car.

    I can't believe you are getting rid of it after being one of the very few people in the country to benefit from the elusive Sync3 update. H
  12. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    I think the update, if i ever see it!! is quite large. If i put my PC head on and not my Technician head, this makes the largest partition size 4Gb. I would think, although not sure, that the update will be bigger than this. Hopefully we are gonna try Hamsters Edge on IDS sometime soon. If it explodes at least I've got GAP! H
  13. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    The Ford, laptop based diagnostic system. IDS 'Integrated Diagnostic System'.
  14. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    There is a Sync 3 update planned. Maybe its not generally available yet. I'm led to believe that the vehicle needs to be connected to IDS which downloads an update. This is transferred to a USB stick and the USB stick is then used to update the vehicle as the update is very large. Allegedly......................................... H