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  1. Hi mrwillo. I know its difficult in these pressing times to get your car looked at by a Ford Dealer. Most are open for urgent repairs and additionally if you can convince them you fall into one of the categories of 'key worker' they should be able to fit you in. If you are not just convince them you are! You really need a transmission oil and filter change using Genuine Branded parts, the correct specification oil and a new filter. The Ford Dealer should be able to delete all the random codes and road test, if new codes come up theses can be investigated. A large amount of random codes would suggest a low voltage battery or maybe even a water leak into a wiring joint. I get criticism for this on here but these modern vehicles are really not suited to cheap code readers off the web or 'Mobile Mechanics' I'm sure there are some good ones out there but I've never met one. If you struggle to find a Dealer, PM me and I'll try and and help. H
  2. OMG - Not this again............................................ h
  3. It might just be one of the large cream coloured clips which is missing. Is there a hole behind it? If there is a Dealer can help with the correct part. H
  4. I sent you a PM for your VIN. H
  5. I've never seen a missing tow hook tread but there is always a first time. It would be quite unusual as its welded and structural. Have a proper look behind the bumper from underneath. Maybe its on the other side. I'm thinking the rear crash panel member or the bumper cover maybe from a LHD Vehicle so there is a mis-match between the two. Have a look. H
  6. Oh yes, of course, the "I never do anything wrong so don't need 'help' gadgets brigade". When I was working, and hopefully when I go back, I expect I'll be doing an awful lot more miles than most. I sadly need all the help I can get. Smugness is not a very endearing quality. H
  7. They'll be the same ones which saved Hamster's bacon several times. I would be much more irritated to have driven into the vehicle in front. H
  8. Hi Igor. Please send me, by PM, your full 17 Digit VIN (Chassis No.) H
  9. Ford don't usually offer a seal replacement kit for their Brake Calipers, front or rear. Maybe if you clean the old one up and look for the manufacturer's mark on the Caliper it would be possible to get a non-genuine seal kit from a local independent motor factor. H
  10. The Module you have found is a Trailer Tow Module but its not showing on ETIS as it has never been configured. I would say that when things get back to normal. Try and use a different Dealer and you might have more success. All it needs is hooking up to IDS and configuring. H
  11. Try and identify the water. Is it clean and not smelly. Is is fragrant or blue like screen-wash. Is it sweet smelling like anti-freeze? Blot some up on kitchen role and let us know. H