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  1. No reason to describe them as fraud dealers then. H
  2. The injectors can be reprogrammed with IDS to reduce their noise. H
  3. OK, so it doesn't look like this is going away. I'm pretty much into 'modding' anything so, access the back of the light cluster and/or bar. Create a 40mm square hole in the rear case. Purchase the required number of these fans -: Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX, Premium Quiet Fan, 3-Pin (40x10mm, Brown) Wire up the fans to a live source. Mount the fans so the airflow is into the light unit from the car to create positive lamp pressure. You can bet your life the problem condensation will go away. H
  4. Oh well, it's not the first time I've been the only voice in the wilderness and I don't expect it to be the last. H
  5. It doesn't need 'Correcting', there is nothing wrong. The trouble is, when a Dealer incorrectly accepts this as a problem and starts replacing things the end user sees this as confirmation of a fault and then the repairs never stop. Condensation is a natural phenomenon. Exterior lamps are designed with a venting system to reduce increase in pressure and allow air circulation inside the lamp. Air naturally contains moisture and when this moist air enters the lamp through the vents, condensation can occur if the temperature is cold enough or if there is a large difference in temperature and humidity between the inside and the outside. When normal condensation occurs a film of mist can form on the interior of the clear plastic lens in the coldest areas. The mist will clear and exit through the vents during normal operation. H
  6. I don't want to upset anyone but what is the point of replacing the light unit, once again. It's almost certain that the replacement will mist up and it's just a waste of time and Warranty money for the Dealer and Ford. They mist up from from new, the replacements mist up and any replacements which replace the replacements will mist up. They always dry out. H
  7. The part is probably on back order because of the low volume needed\supplied. Interesting how different conclusions can be drawn from the same situation. H
  8. Yes it was resolved with a IDS Update. H
  9. Hi mrwillo. I know its difficult in these pressing times to get your car looked at by a Ford Dealer. Most are open for urgent repairs and additionally if you can convince them you fall into one of the categories of 'key worker' they should be able to fit you in. If you are not just convince them you are! You really need a transmission oil and filter change using Genuine Branded parts, the correct specification oil and a new filter. The Ford Dealer should be able to delete all the random codes and road test, if new codes come up theses can be investigated. A large amount of random codes would suggest a low voltage battery or maybe even a water leak into a wiring joint. I get criticism for this on here but these modern vehicles are really not suited to cheap code readers off the web or 'Mobile Mechanics' I'm sure there are some good ones out there but I've never met one. If you struggle to find a Dealer, PM me and I'll try and and help. H
  10. OMG - Not this again............................................ h
  11. It might just be one of the large cream coloured clips which is missing. Is there a hole behind it? If there is a Dealer can help with the correct part. H
  12. I sent you a PM for your VIN. H