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  1. Thats interesting. When he was doing the fuel filter he mentioned they had seen a few of the oil pressure pump solenoids fail. That could be the next step H i’ve just looked it up. £100 ‘ish. Good job it’s under warranty.
  2. Well for the first time in years an actual fault on one of my cars. Under moderate to hard acceleration engine drops into limited operation and the Spanner Icon comes on. Fault clears after ignition off until next time. Got it looked at, no really significant fault codes, some old ones, no new ones. Dealer though it might be dodgy diesel as relatively new fuel filter was 'waxy'. New filter fitted, PCM updated, and additive added, but still the same. Story continues next week...................................... Please, no 'Spanner' jokes.
  3. Hamster

    RIP Edge

    That's OK, I'm still trying to remember where I've seen the Air-Con thing written down. Maybe it isn't and i just heard it at a training review. I emailed a Dealer and there's an All New Kuga and a New Puma coming our way.................................... H
  4. Hamster

    RIP Edge

    Well, sadly I can confirm the rumours. Production of the RHD Edge for UK ends mid-September. Lets see what they replace it with. 😠 Best Car I've ever owned. H
  5. Do you fancy a little bet?
  6. I just got to get me some Poodle Lights.
  7. The pulley recall is an easy replacement and shouldn't need a re-gas. Only if the centre bolt snaps would it need a AC Compressor and then a re-gas. It's probably a leak. H
  8. There is no gas in the air-con. This is the default 'go-to' to warn you to get it checked. H
  9. The new one will probably be the same as its not actually a fault, but, now they've tried to 'fix' it everyone thinks its a fault. It's not the cost its the expectation and the disappointment if the replacement part is actually the same. One of the reasons Ford, and other manufacturers, mention this in the Manuals. HTH H
  10. Overheard this in a Dealer. "I want some of the pads this customer has. Last years health check said there was 6mm left, now you want me to tell them there is 7mm left. How is that?" H
  11. They almost certainly won't need the tool.............................. H
  12. I love mine, works any time its needed. Great for hotel car parks where you can sit in the warm and watch BMW owners getting their hands cold. H
  13. Which dealer is it Martin? H
  14. Oh, that's not good. Try a Master Reset. H
  15. I'm not sure what you did 'for a while' but I'm lucky enough not to work for a franchise, independent or even in retail. I'm not customer facing, thank God, and have never had to 'upsell' anything. Some people would though describe me (and colleagues) as completely GaGa. H