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  1. Yes, I've set it up on a few cars now, Mondeo's and Edge's. As long as you have memory seats it should work. Hamster
  2. Also, they are the wrong position for DRL and would invalidate the homologation data for the European Edge. They used to be called the construction and use regulations and almost certainly doing it would be an MOT failure. Don't do it. H
  3. Hi Dave PM me your VIN, I'll have a look. H
  4. Some software updates can be performed by the user but these are limited to Sync3, Software and Maps. All the others need a connection to the Ford Computer 'IDS'. It would be interesting (for me anyway) to know which Ford Dealer it was as they are talking absolute rubbish. Print this out and show them, report back what they say. H
  5. They, Ford, can supply it. The companies you are dealing with cannot source it. H
  6. As I explained earlier, I suspect this is not a 'Ford' originated problem. There may well be a problem, but as far as I can gather it is with the local sourcing of the part and the repairers, not the actual origin of the part. I understand you don't want to go through this again but in this instance 'Ford' as manufacturer has not done anything wrong and 'it won't be Ford' is a reaction too far. I'm out. H
  7. The trouble is, folks want cheap car insurance, a high standard of guaranteed repairs, matching quality or genuine parts, courtesy cars and then the same folks complain about premium prices when they are raised at renewal. Along with most of the Motor Trade, insurance companies just cant win. H
  8. Well, that's good. Find out which Ford Dealer it's coming from and ring them! H
  9. If it is the tailgate assembly itself, Ford Stamp their own panels at the Oakville plant in Canada, where the Edge is made. It sounds like there is some miscommunication between your repairer and where they source their genuine spare parts from. I don't think it's possible to get a non-genuine or pattern tailgate so a replacement must be genuine and that needs to come from a Ford Dealer. Unless Saga are trying to get a used one from a vehicle with front end damage............................... H
  10. I would tentatively suggest this may not be a 'Ford' problem but one of the many other companies in the chain before Ford. H
  11. Saga, the Authorised Repairer or the company they are dealing with need to raise a query from wherever they are sourcing these genuine parts from and whoever that is needs to raise a query with the Ford Parts People at Daventry. If they are dealing with a Main Ford Dealer then they can raise this with Ford. There is no reason Ford, UK, Europe or Canada cannot supply a tailgate. H
  12. Do you know exactly which parts they are waiting on. A FINIS Code(s) would help. (Part No.) H
  13. Has your Dealer contacted Ford Daventry to request an update? H