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  1. Hamster

    Couple of queries re 2018 Edge Sport

    The signs recognition software needs updating via IDS at a Dealer. There is a TSB on this from a year or so ago. Some of the UK Edge's still have the original Canadian recognition software which can't accurately interpret our signs. Easy fixed, nothing to do with dirt or the M6 You might even get Sync3 updated at the same time if you are lucky. H
  2. Hamster

    sunroof glass

    who is fitting it? H
  3. Hamster

    Low oil level warning

    That's the worst excuse ever!! H
  4. Hamster

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    Proper, good quality LED Indicator bulbs should not affect the flash rate. But, you have to remove the headlamp to get to the bulbs which can be a bit of a pain. I personally wouldn't bother as the OE bulbs are quite good enough for the indicators. H
  5. Hamster

    Just nothing at all!

    That's not how it should be wired, it should be connected to a fused supply which is ignition live and not live all the time. H
  6. Hamster

    Drive away locking

    So, when is our date then? H
  7. Disconnect the dash cam and see if the car is OK. If it is check for correct fuse and close wiring short. H
  8. Hamster

    Keyless Entry Theft

    Hi folks There has been some news reports this morning (TV and Daily Mail) highlighting the vulnerabilities of key-less entry and engine start-up. If it's possible, keep your key-less keys in the microwave oven (don't cook them though). Alternatively keep them in a metal tin (eat the sweets first) or a foil lined plastic tub. Hamster
  9. Hamster

    Auto Relock Not Locking

    OK, just remind us which Dealer and branch this is? But also folks, just remember, when most forum posters say Ford, they mean a Dealer, not the manufacturer. Its quite worrying they told you what they did. H
  10. Hamster

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    Nothing really, almost certainly OK. HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps are a different kettle of fish and need self adjusters and washers but these are completely different technology. H
  11. Hamster

    Remote Start UK

    Just go out in your jim'jams and wellies and start it yourself!! H
  12. Hamster

    Remote Start UK

    Nice idea but they don't seem to ship to the UK. Probably because it would be illegal to use one in the UK, however cool. It's called 'quitting'. Some forces enforce, others don't. If anyone can get one and its OK, i might give it a go as well. H
  13. Hamster

    Drive away locking

    I don't really know, I meet quite a few Ford technicians, some say it's OK but others say its a mistake to mess about with Ford Software Coding. I tried to enable Drive Away Locking on a previous Kuga of mine and it didn't work so i gave up. Things are more complicated now. Others on these very forums say its OK. But I've also seen a few bricks.......................................... Make of that, what you will!! 🙂 H
  14. Hamster

    Drive away locking

    Ahh, this old forum chestnut. I too would like drive away locking but have mixed reports about how easy it is to enable. Some say its easy, some say it's not. I did read somewhere about an immobilised vehicle after a ForScan attempt. Go for it and let me know, I'll be your second Guinea Pig! In fact, if you get it to work, and your Edge still works afterwards, I'll meet with you and I'll pay you to do it to offset some of the cost of the ODB Dongle and Software. What you think? Hamster
  15. Hamster

    Upgrade maps to 2017 F7 version

    +1 Additionally, the Ford Site said mine was up to date when it clearly wasn't. It is now. H