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  1. Stupid Deal

    Works out better than buying, you don't lose as much when you tosh your bought car in. I've lost £££££'s when swapping and changing, I am going to look into these options when I'm ready for a change.
  2. Detailing

    Try Iain Brown at "finerdetails" in Chadderton. http://www.finerdetails.co.uk he's really good.
  3. Mk7 Remap

    So this established friend of yours has offered to remap your car ... You know the answer already, the remap is written for individual cars and is solely for your model, hence written for your fiesta and its clutch. You must have faith in his work because you are thinking of useing one of his maps again. I personally don't think anyone can say a weak clutch is a factor, the remap is written like I say with the clutch and all other parts in the equation.
  4. Mountune Booked :)

    Ford stealership, £645 inc. vat I paid. Had it done @ Gordons in Bolton.
  5. Gap Insurance

    vehicle replacement, why you ask? it will buy you a new car, remember NEW car prices go up, you will get a replacement or similar.
  6. Steering Saga

    So is that not to do with balance then? never heard of "sided wheels", it has to be the balance on each wheel.
  7. How Do I Know If Overboost Is Working?

    I think it will drop off with the recirc valve??
  8. So I'm Onto Number 2 ....

    Banana skin is good for it, but it attracts wasps. Just use any leather cleaner/restorer, carplan leather wipes are ok.
  9. How Do I Know If Overboost Is Working?

    This is what Ford say about it ... Ford engineers made sure the overclocked EcoBoost engine would have a very robust cooling system. “The turbo itself is specified for sustained, high-output performance, but they’ve programmed the car’s computer to dial in more boost past 3,000 rpm to give it that extra something,” says engineer Lisa Schoder, who is Marketing manager for Focus ST. “We limit peak turbo boost to maintain a wide margin of safety and durability over the life of the car,” Schoder adds. “But overboost is cool in that it tweaks more acceleration through the turbo for brief periods for performance-hungry drivers.” Ford Focus ST increases acceleration through factory “overboost” turbo feature that extends torque curve from 3,000 rpm to 4,500 rpm for up to 15 seconds
  10. Fiesta St Boost Gauges

    I have to agree with Matt, they are pretty useless and they look "tacky" as well, get an air freshner. :)
  11. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Slightly yes, I prefer it running on the Ron 99 from tesco than normal 95, I can feel the throttle responds better, also maybe get a few extra mpg, it's worth the extra pennies. If you can afford the Shell Vpower then use that, but I find the tesco fuel ok. (just my view) not after a fuel war debate. You will always get better results with an higher octane fuel on a turbo charged car. I also run nitrogen in the tyres, which I am a big fan of.
  12. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    I average 41ish running on tesco 99 but have just done a 2200 mile round trip in europe which averaged 46 mpg and that is what I would call true mpg not going off the trip computer, that was doing between 70 - 80 mph with cruise on and also giving it some real hard going at over 110 mph for long spells on the autobahn, even had it just over 155 on the clock for a short spell. This was running it on Ron 100 (Vpower) and the superb Ron 102, just to add I have the MP215 as well. Yes anything over the 80mph with cruise does drink it faster.
  13. Painting St Engine Cover

    Now that is a very smart mod, looks excellent that Phil.
  14. St.. Buying Second Hand Or Buying New?

    Wait, pay the extra grand and half, then you have peace of mind to how it has been treated. Just my 2 cents worth.
  15. Steering Not Straight

    I still say weight is a major factor in some cases like this. I've mentioned this before in a post, had mine balanced on an old car and all was well, having said that Matt... I had this problem once with michilin's and had some new tyres put on the front and the problem was no more.