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  1. Calling All Fiesta St-2 Owners

    I got about £2000 off the price of my spec on the ford website. I used car wow to get an idea and then called all my local dealers to get them to fight for the business. They all seemed happy to drop in price to get a sale. ST2 Spirit blue Sat Nav ST styling kit Spare wheel £500 deposit contribution £17299 (built new) I waited just over a month and a half. DomT8
  2. The Eagle Has Landed

    Like a proud parent I want to share pics of mine! Maybe we should get all these ST owners together and attack some B roads, be honest who doesn't want to drive their ST while looking at a whole fleet of others? DomT8
  3. It's Arrived At The Dealers!!!

    Every road is nice to drive in the ST, I have had mine since Friday and am already on my 2nd tank of fuel. I keep getting lost and finding very nice back roads. MPG is suffering though (29 average) Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  4. It's Arrived At The Dealers!!!

    They must be upping production to cover all the sales, most people have received their cars early. Fingers crossed for you. DomT8
  5. It's Arrived At The Dealers!!!

    Good news!, mine arrived 2 months early, predicted on May 24th collected from dealer on March 28th. I have already done 160 very happy miles. I'm in love with the ST. DomT8
  6. Ford Finance

    The acquire option allows you to spread the payments over 2-5 years minus your deposit plus interest. Monthly payments are higher but you don't have a balloon payment. You can do finance quotes on the ford website play around with it and see what fits for you.
  7. Thanks pleased to be here, any ST owners out there: How is it to own anything annoying? What do you love?
  8. I think your right more power is always better! I'm actually not bothered about MPG to be fair just interested if there is a trade off. Mountune HQ is in Essex I could take a long drive and get it done there that could be a fun day!
  9. That mountune kit is very interesting, great price for a good boast, I wonder if it will affect the fuel economy at all. The wait continues I have only had a test drive and god that was fun!
  10. Hi! New member just returning to ford after some "other manufacturers" I am eagerly awaiting my Fiesta ST arriving in May. Looking for stuff to keep away the pain of waiting 3 months!! DomT8 (Wiltshire)