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  1. Headlight Leveller

    Evenning, I mean "normal" lights (dipped?) The ones I use every mornig when I go to work. I will be able to check the bulbs on Saturday due to work and childcare :-) I am thinking of taking the lights out and swapping them over to see if it does on the opposite side? Thanks
  2. Headlight Leveller

    I will check the bulb in the 1st instance - thanks. How would I check the wiring to see if it was that or the motor? Will I have to take the full light housing away from the main body of the car? Thanks
  3. Headlight Leveller

    Afternoon, Getting know where fast on the web. My passenger side headlight leveller motor is constantly running when the main beam is on (when the sidelights are on it does not do this). I am trying to stop this and the only way I can thinnk of at the minute is to buy a new headlight (around the £50 mark) so wondering if anyone else knew what to do or has had the same problem. I got the car 2nd hand so not sure it's background. When I unplug the wire box attached to the headlight it stops and turns the headlight off (not great with cars and repairs but will give anything a go) Thanks