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  1. Sync Apps

    I've given up, tried USB again last night and just says no USB media found and no sync apps installed. Will just have to use Bluetooth without the track info and voice control
  2. Sync Apps

    Cheers everyone I'll have another play around with it. I'm using a nexus 5 which is fully supported according to the ford website. I've tried different combinations of Bluetooth, line in and USB but can't get song info to show. Might depend on connecting and then opening and logging into spotify in a certain order then
  3. Sync Apps

    I've got a March 2014 build fiesta and have an option in the menu called 'sync applications'. Does this mean I have applink? I'm trying to get spotify to display the track etc with no joy
  4. Things To Do When Rear Seats Are Not Needed.

    I don't understand the need for this. Personally haven't had the standard stereo higher than 15!
  5. Fuel Tank On Small Size?

    Well your mpg is good you should be pleased with that. See if you think the miles to empty corresponds with the fuel left according to the needle when it gets low next time. I know of a case or two on here where this was out and needed fixing
  6. Fuel Tank On Small Size?

    Haven't got it to hand but the tank size is in the owners manual
  7. Maintaining Constant Speed

    I'd never take that passenger again on a trip lol. Sounds like something Alan partridge would say
  8. Synchro - Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost

    No not yet, on 11,000
  9. Mobius Dashcam (on 24/7)

    Nice, I didn't realise they were so discrete
  10. Mobius Dashcam (on 24/7)

    I'm probably being thick but I've seen more and more people getting dashcams recently following vandalism etc. What I don't get is you wouldn't leave a sat nav out all night in plain sight, so what's stopping someone robbing the dashcam?
  11. Interior Lights

    Yes they are the same bulbs and easy to do, I've changed mine to red ones to match my footwells. You will probably need a flat knife or similar, there are clips at the front and back of each of the lights and then the housing just drops down (it shows you in the manual). There are 3 bulbs in the front one. Just change the centre bulb to blue then you will keep the other 2 map reading lights white which can be handy if you ever need them
  12. Ecoboost First Gear Lacking?

    Never had a problem myself, always very quick. Are you giving it enough revs? Don't forget in all gears you are waiting a split second for the turbo to kick in
  13. Fiesta Ecoboost - First Service

    Remember you don't have to go to ford for the service.
  14. New Owner In The Making

    You're right, just looked on the website. Can't get 125bhp ecoboost but can get 100 in zetec
  15. New Owner In The Making

    I don't think you can even get an ecoboost in zetec trim can you?