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  1. I love keyless entry/start. However there has been a huge increase in thefts because of it.
  2. Yes they can. Even in plain clothes.
  3. Not jealous much. Much. I'm saving for Mexico. Can't !Removed! wait.
  4. Upside is Fiesta is a lot cheaper. My vxr feels a little quicker/more vicious than the fiesta. The Pug is big money for exclusivity though. On the upside, my VXR is 1 of only 261 club sports in existence :)
  5. Halfrauds do a rainX equivalent. Not bad but I've not found a better one than Rain X yet. Cracking stuff.
  6. Never been a huge Pug fan, but this looks great :) http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/peugeot/208/87638/peugeot-208-gti-30th-anniversary-priced-at-21995 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9zTheyLIvRc Looks a nice alternative and I'm loving the colour scheme...
  7. That's your missus's drink right? Hehe enjoy mate. !Removed! hard to get time off at any stage so make the most of it ;)
  8. Heat soak isn't a major issue on the ZS. What filter have you used?
  9. Ah...alas I'm screwed. I just put it in to reset it, and it's telling me it will not reset because the map was not properly removed from my previous Fiesta. Also confirmed through superchips who will not now reset.
  10. Good stuff, glad you weren't ripped off mate ;) I'm putting my my bluefin up for sale next few days, they reset mine for free yesterday ;) Obviously mines mk7, if there's a difference? Good luck with sale chap.
  11. Why would it have to go back to superchips to be reset? Superchips can just do it their end, you plug it into your laptop and it's reset after running the mybluefin software? If they charged you to do this within a year you've been ripped off mate the reset is free.
  12. Jesus there's a lot of bull !Removed! in is thread... HID lights are not dangerous just because they are HID's, let's get that straight out of the way. The way they are fitted,and what type of headlamp they are fitted to makes them dangerous.... Correctly fitted and aligned HID's in projector housings are absolutely fine. The only difference to factory xenon headlamps (which HID's are but cheaper) are the addition of a level sensor and headlamp washers. The sensor keeps the lights pointing where they should and the washer keeps the beam pattern from going all over the place. The problem is this. Far too many bell end chavs fit HID lights to reflector housings. The beam pattern is scattered all over the place and is blinding to oncoming vehicles. This instantly puts HID's into the 'dangerous' bracket which is actually unjust. No, technically they are not legal. Yes there may be an MoT issue (but let's be fair this has been punting around for ages so I'd not worry too much) but ultimately if they are fitted to projector housings and aligned properly there should not be an issue. I love xenon lights on the cars I've had before, and I'd have them on every car if I could as the light output is much better.
  13. James I'm glad your ok mate (and the missus).
  14. Is it bad that I keep checking this thread? pmsl.
  15. The higher the sidewall, the more flex. If your rear wheels are prone to tyre flexing more than the front, it may feel a bit weird with a slightly loose rear feel. This will be more evident on bumpy corners etc. If you compare different manufacturer tyres, even though that may all be 205/45/17 you will notice that some seem to have really big profiles compared to others. Also some tyres ore more/less rigid than others. However, bear this in mind. If you cause a huge accident and your car is taken away for examination, the fact you purposely fitted incorrect tyres (away from the manufacturers specification for that particular vehicle) could land you in deep !Removed!. Personally I'd stick with manufacturer spec size. Just my 2p.
  16. My car is in at the stealers with the very same thing being checked. I've just come to the conclusion that DAB is !Removed!. Only good thing was Absolute 80's lol.
  17. Focal, Hertz, infinity or Alpine components. You can't go wrong with any of those but I'd personally go Focal.
  18. No offence taken mate. My clubsport is exactly the same as the 'burg edition with the added benefit of a Remus stainless system (which the burg did not have). Apart from that it is identical in every way apart from badging. The 'burg was supposed to be a limited run of 500, which turned out to be more like a thousand in the end. The clubsport is the outgoing extreme corsa vxr. Like the burg, the added extras over standard vxr are: Lowered Bilstein shocks/dampers Drexler mechanical LSD Brembo's front and back Remus twin exit exhaust system (clubsport) Front splitter Different 18" wheels (huge improvement and look mean as fook) Steering re-callibrated Different map to 205ps And it did the ring quicker than the Astra VXR...
  19. The Astra response cars are the best we ever had. We have Hyundai at the moment and they are ridiculous. The Astra's we had weren't the current shape. They lasted and we're bulletproof on the 1.7 derv engine. We now have a few focus estates as irv's. They are OK. At best.
  20. It is deffo firmer than the Fiesta. The suspension on the Clubsport/Nurburg edition are Bilstein units with inverted dampers, with are 20f/15r mm lower than standard vxr. It also has a mechanical LSD which makes a huge difference to handling. Where the Fiesta wants to push wide the Corsa grips and tightens it's line. It is truly amazing how much grip it actually has on offer. The Remus system doesn't sound special, just looks nice. But as a package it's great. The Fiesta has a better interior for sure but I like the Recaros in the Corsa better also. It's just my personal preference on the way it drives, just a shame VX don't have an approved tuning package, but 205ps is fine by me anyway for the road. Thanks mate.
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