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  1. 2004 Focus Estate Dial Problem

    Hello, Our MK1 estate has an occasional problem. Sometimes when the car starts, the rev and speedometer needles bounce a little and it takes a few seconds for the rev needle to show the engine speed. I've not seen it myself but the missus is sure that the car has frequent power drops, noticeable with headlights dimming and or air blowers 'slowing'. Any thoughts? I was thinking bad earth somewhere but I'm not sure which one(s) are likely? I've checked to earths around the battery recently and cleaned those but not any others. Perhaps a sensor somewhere? It's never stalled when coming to a stop or when in neutral, it starts first time and I would say it's running well. It's a 1.6 petrol manual. Regards, Sheriff
  2. 04-98 Focus Estate Boot Lock Fault

    Solved!!! I checked the gaiter area and found no breaks (some exposed insulation cracks, now repaired). The culprit turned out to be the lock body connector male and female parts with signs of corrosion and a break on one pin, see pic below. Realising I needed to get a replacement plug from the scrap yard, I opted to buy the whole lock unit and plug from a donor car for £15. My original lock may be ok but for that that money, I've saved my time trying to get corrosion out of the socket hole. Thanks for the suggestions. Regards, Sheriff
  3. 04-98 Focus Estate Boot Lock Fault

    Thanks, It had crossed my mind that the wires may be buggered. I'll pop the gaiter off 1st and take a look. Cheers Regards, Sheriff
  4. Hello, I have the above car, 2004 model, with a rear lock fault. I'll try to summarise: Central locking works on the rest of the doors with fob and driver lock button, no issues. Dashboard boot release fails to open the boot door Key fob boot release button fails to open boot door Manually using the key in the boot lock does open the boot door Any thoughts on where to start fault finding? Up until now I have not had any electrical faults to note. Thanks, Regards, Sheriff
  5. Ford 6000Cd Radio Change

    Hello, The LEDs are set into the head unit, it would be red if fitted to your car. Regards, Sheriff