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  1. Tyres For My Fiesta

    do you know the full tyre size or even the reg so i can find the tyre size so i can decide which tyres are best for your vehicle
  2. Winter Tyres

    They are worth it a huge amount. 1st of all they are another pair of tyres so u can switch when season ends. they are built and designed to work better in temperatures under 7 degrees so perfect for anywhere in the uk lol Continentals are a good brand for the winter tyres except goodyears but conti's i prefer and at this time im thinking about for next years. £132.66 each included fitting http://www.tyres247.co.uk/tyre-info.php?tyreid=25186 so great deal but still quite alot of money so maybe look for mid range but i would personally stay away from budget tyres used as winter tyres.
  3. Least Bad Tyres Out Of These 2 Pairs...

    I would defo prefer the autogirps due to they are a good cheap budget tyre plus im pretty sure they have better eu label rating then the zeta. weight handle i think is better for the autogrips but not 100% on that one i hope this helps a bit
  4. 13' Tyres

    i think they are a 185 70 13 if so Tyres247 can do em for £45.80 each fully inclusive plus that includes getting them fitted and balanced etc at a garage near to you
  5. Tyres 185 55 14

    I wanted to compare prices. blackcirlces don't sell or have any Dunlop SPO1 in that size.. just checked. Black cirlces for the Goodyear is 72.70 Tyres247 for the Goodyear 71.22 i got mine from Tyres247 thats why im on their side on this one lol i use to have nankang xr-611 on my zetec and they were amazing but changed em for premium tyres as i thought id treat my car ;)
  6. Mondeo Tyres

    are you looking for mid range or premium quality tyres??? i would not put budgets on if you intend to have extra weight on only due to the fact that they are not good quality tyres so they wont know where near as effective.
  7. Tyres For My Fiesta

    Hi michelle, it really depends on what you want due to it always comes down to you pay for what you get. the premium brands are gonna sometimes be a bit pricey but thats due to them being the best of the best. Budget tyres i wouldnt personally recommend to someone who has a new car. also it comes down to other factors such as the premium brands can offer better fuel savings and wet grip compared to budget tyres. you could also go for mid range tyres which are the best of both worlds as such. i recently got my tyres from www.tyres247.co.uk for my zetec. i found they are quite a bit cheaper then other places i could find. but once again down to you. what size tyre are they?? also check the site out and see if you like the pricing also if you email them they can tell you a bit more cause i didnt no to much bout tyres but they helped me out. well thats all i have to say really about that so i really hope it helps you michelle