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  1. New Fiesta Economy ***Poss Rant Alert***

    Hi, I bought my Fiesta diesel for exactly the same reasons. I'm getting exactly 48.5mpg whether i'm on a run or around town, whether i drive hard or frugally!!!! I've done 1000miles in 3 weeks and still it's the same. To say I feel misled is a gross understatement!!!! I took the car back to Ford's and they said not to take any notice of the figures in the handbook!!!! Well, I purchased the vehicle on the basis of it's fuel economy figures!! The salesman didn't tell me not to take any notice of the fuel consumption figures, cos if he did, it would've been adios amigo!!!! The sales manager has agreed to take my vehicle for a week to do his own checks. Working out mpg in between filling the car up is hardly rocket science! I must say though, that I'm extremely disappointed and will be contacting Trading Standards. I do not agree with other posters who say that all manufacturers are the same. I've owned brand new Peugeots, Renaullts and Alfa Romeos and they do exactly what they say on the tin!!! My Renaullt did 55.5mpg combined, my Alfa 166 does 35mpg on unleaded and 25 mpg on LPG and that's a huge car!!! I think that this is a Ford problem. I'll explain, I haven't owned a Ford since the late 90's, but I was given a Ford Focus just before Christmas as a courtesy car by my insurance company because my Peugeot was involved in an accident. The 1.6 Petrol struggled to do 30mpg, needless to say I continued to use my Alfa instead!! My new Fiesta struggles to do 50mpg, a chap who owns a 1.2 Fiesta Zetec close by me is struggling to achieve, wait for it.........25mpg (Christ it's a 1200cc not a 3.0 V6!!!!!!!!) around town (the book states 38mpg). The diesel Focus my local dealership has loaned me does 40mpg (the book states 60mpg combined!!!). How can Ford get away with this? They are quoting figures that people are basing their purchasing decision on, yet the reality is 40% on average worse than quoted!! Let's do the maths shall we? The little economy carbon footprint ratings guide states (quite clearly) that covering 12000 miles will cost around £900. To be more precise it'll cost £1200!!!!! They don't tell you that do they?? That extra £300 would pay for my insurance and car tax. And have enough to take my bird to the pictures and buy a fish supper!!! I am going to see my local Trading Standards people tomorrow. Basically, as a reasonable person, I am prepared to give Ford's the opportunity to it seems wave a magic wand and solve the consumption problem. I would have been better off buying a petrol Alfa Mito (OK so it's a £1000 more) and converting to lpg. Therefore achieving 40mpg on LPG which represents nearly 75mpg compared to the cost of unleaded. It'll be interesting to see what my local trading standards say........maybe I'll give the guys at watchdog a ring. Let me know how your cars compare, Kiddercocker