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  1. Water Pump Runs Off Which Belt

    Hi Mark. I would agree with the garage if it's a Petrol. If you've got a 1.6 diesel though it does run off the Timing/Cam belt. Hope this helps!
  2. Focus 1.6 Tddci Chugging At Low Revs

    Morning Kieran. I'm thinking maybe the Clutch and DMF?? This can cause lots of noises and knocks/squeaks etc. Unfortunately it's an expensive job!! I'm no expert or mechanic so obviously get a second opinion. Hopefully it's not that! Hope you get sorted out, Cheers, Chris
  3. Mk2.5 Condensation Woes!

    Hi there Paul. Have you looked in the boot...under the spare wheel? I had lots of water in there and ended up taking the rubber bungs out of the floor. My rear footwell on the passenger side also gets very wet if I park facing downhill. Uphill, bone dry. Water ingress/damp/condensation is a nightmare. Have you tried the moisture absorbent pads you can leave in the car? They help a lot! They absorb a lot of air moisture and when they feel soggy you chuck them on a radiator and dry them out. Got a pair in my 2003 Focus. Hope this helps... Cheers , Chris
  4. 2005 Mondeo Tdci Smf Or Dmf

    Hi Aaron. I did have a Mondeo 54 Reg with the dreaded DMF. To save money we had an SMF conversion fitted. Admittedly, it was the cheapest version I could find and did the job. The only thing I can say as a down side, was that under load i.e. going up hill etc we got quite a bit of vibration being felt coming through the car. I could live with it but the wife couldn't stand it. So we sold it!! New owners didn't seem bothered by it when I told them about it...and even on the 'test drive' they felt it but loved the car anyway...Ghia X full leather....all the gizmo's...nice car... so they had it!! So it's up to you really. If you can afford the DMF and are keeping the car for a while then that might be worth doing...bearing in mind though that the DMF might fail before it's done not that many miles. (We bought a Seat Alhambra 51 plate and the DMF has been changed on that...and it's only on 43,000miles NOW!!) If you can't afford it then maybe think about buying a Valeo DMF/SMF conversion kit. Good quality. (They guarantee the Flywheel (ONLY) for the life of the vehicle). Hope this helps a bit, Cheers, Chris
  5. Mk3 Mondeo 2.0 Tddi Loss Of Power

    Hi Aaron. Possibly. I never did see the hose on our Mondeo, because it had come adrift as opposed to split, so the mechanic simply re-secured it and hey presto. Sorry I can't be much more help than that. Chris
  6. Mk3 Mondeo 2.0 Tddi Loss Of Power

    Hello Aaron. Similar to the above really. The wife just bought a Seat Alhambra with 'Known' Turbo problem. After a bit of time wasting (and money wasting) we eventually found the vacuum pipe to the turbo was off/split. Had it repaired/replaced and bobs your uncle a completely different animal. So if you have no warning lights on or anything like that, then definitely worth a look. Now I come to think of it, our Mondeo had a similar problem...with a very loud 'whooshing' noise that seemed to blow up the windscreen, and that was just a main top hose on the engine had come adrift!! Hope this helps... Chris
  7. Xxxupdate On Something Has Popped Xxxx

    Hi, well i was going to put it into the Reg look up we use at work to find out your engine size, but I found your earlier post where you said it was a 1.8. These seem okay as far as I can see, whereas the 1.6 version gives a lot of hassle. To the point where we don't even sell them anymore because of ''premature failure''. Nothing sinister mate I assure you... Hope you get it sorted... Cheers, Chris
  8. Xxxupdate On Something Has Popped Xxxx

    Hi David. Sorry to hear the worst has happened!! Any chance of a reg number my friend...I work at a Motor Factors and some of these Turbo's can be problematic, depending on size engine and year!! Let me know the Reg, Cheers, Chris
  9. 2002 Focus Overheating

    Hi Angie, just as an after thought, because no one else has mentioned it yet, but is your radiator getting hot all over or staying cold?? Was thinking maybe the thermostat is not working properly?? Might be worth a look!! Hope it helps... Chris
  10. Diagram Of 1.8 Petrol Intake Pipes 2008

    No worries. Like to help when I can...which isn't very often!! lol. Just hope it helps!! Have a good evening Jason, Cheers, Chris
  11. Diagram Of 1.8 Petrol Intake Pipes 2008

    201503101613.pdf Hopefully this will work and maybe help a bit!! Let me know Jason. Cheers, Chris
  12. Diagram Of 1.8 Petrol Intake Pipes 2008

    I've got a diagram but can't figure out how to upload the image! Any ideas? lol Sorry mate, Chris
  13. Diagram Of 1.8 Petrol Intake Pipes 2008

    Hi Jason, any chance of a Reg number please? Cheers, Chris
  14. Front Left And Right Control Arms

    It always amazes me how many people go to Ford or any Main Dealer to get a 'Genuine' Ford part. Ford don't make parts!! They buy them in from outside manufacturers who supply them and the Motor Factors. Often in exactly the same box, just with a Ford sticker/part number put on it!! The only difference is the higher cost. As long as you go for bonfide manufacturers you normally are fine...and save money as well!! Hope this helps! Chris
  15. Gear Box Replacement? Mk1 Focus.

    Hi Mike, sorry to hear you are having problems. I'm no expert but I would say... OF COURSE you can get another box put in!! I don't know who you use for your car problems but, basically it might be down to your garage not wanting to take on the job of putting in a second hand/reconditioned gearbox and you still having a problem! So it might be worth phoning around to see if you can find someone else who would fit your gearbox for you...when you find or buy one!! Hope that makes sense and helps...certainly sounds too good a car to junk!! Cheers Mike, Chris