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  1. Time For A Service?

    It was my mechanic that does my services and stuff. I do 100 miles a day all on the motorway and I don't tend to do much more than 65mph (hate wasting diesel) so I don't think i'm running the engine particularly hard. Yeah I think I will wait 2 weeks til I'm paid and go get it done by my mechanic. He's a good guy and has done my dads cars for the best part of 20 years without issue so I cant imagine he will have done a shady job. Its only between 30-45mph the additional noise, kind of like a vibrating noise but outside that range its just the same as the old one. I'll let him know when I hand it in for a service see if he can work anything out. Cheers Liam
  2. Time For A Service?

    Hi guys I have done around 13-14k miles on my Oil currently in the engine and have noticed a significant loss in power recently. It could be that I bust my drive shaft about 9 weeks ago and had to have it replaced with one from the scrappies (which now makes a lot more noise at certain speeds than before) or that the oil is getting rather thick and horrible and that it needs replaced. Anyone able to clarify this? I was thinking about getting it done in the next few weeks (after payday) or should I look to get it done ASAP? Cheers Liam
  3. Anti Theft Lug Nuts For Wheels

    Yes its the rotating collar type ones. Stupid design, for the torque requirement of the bolt you think they would have something a bit more substantial than a thin hexagonal piece of steel to turn the damn thing. I might just get my mate to weld a bolt on and turn it that way and put some new locking bolts on. Anythings better than standard. Cheers for the replies guys Liam
  4. Anti Theft Lug Nuts For Wheels

    Hi guys, Recently done a rotation of my wheels (rear to front and vice versa) however one of my anti theft lug bolts with a hexagonal star type pattern was stiff to get into the wheel. Anyway, the punchline is that in tightening that particular bolt I have managed to shear my the star pattern on the adapter which allows me to remove the bolts. Does anyone know how to get a spare one of these? I don't have the code for it as it was not supplied however the Mcgard adapter looks like it may fit but at 40 quid from Halfords I dont fancy taking the risk that it doesnt. Its either that or I weld something to them and replace with new bolts (not high on my list of things to do as I dont fancy damaging my alloys). Its a 56 plate 1.8TDCi if thats any use. Cheers Liam
  5. Banging From Front Wheels

    Hi Guys, I started getting an intermittent banging coming from the front right wheel in particular. Doesnt always happen but was very intermittent to begin with and has steadily got louder and more regular. It happens mostly when im turning left slightly but it happens a bit when im going straight also. I gave it to my mechanic last week and he couldnt find anything wrong after checking the drive train. Iv started feeling it through the pedals recently after a long drive. I tried to check the CV joint by jacking the car up and wiggling the wheel but theres no movement in the 12-6 or 3-9 direction. I dont think its the brakes, I got brand new pads and disks not too long ago. Im quite short on ideas. The fact that it isnt there all the time is a bit odd. Anyone got any ideas on what it could be? Cheers Liam
  6. Red Warning Light

    Iv had the car since the beginning of October so just under 5 months. I do 600+ miles a week with work which is where the problem lies if its a serious issue. With the brake problems I had I nearly crashed and when I phoned Evans Halshaw where I got the car the guy just said it wasnt there fault and hung up on me. Was ready to go up and stick the nut on him so no doubt hel try that again and I'll end up getting arrested for assault. Il speak to my mechanic tonight. and see what the problem is. As iv said, its on when the engine is cold (winter cold its not like this when its above 6-7deg in the morning) then it switches off within 2-3 miles and then the engine feels totally fine. Cheers Liam
  7. Red Warning Light

  8. Red Warning Light

    Hi Guys, Im new to this forum so hi, im from Edinburgh currently driving about in a 56 plate 1.8TDCi Focus! Since i bought the car from the b******s that are Evans Halshaw iv had nothing but bother with the car. Light bulbs blowing, new brake disks and pads are only 2 of them that I can think of off the top of my head. My latest issue is one that im not too sure about... the wee red exclamation mark with a cog round it comes on when the engines cold (AKA in the morning) and limits power to the engine. However it turns itself off after a couple of miles once the engines heated up. Iv done the onboard diagnostic and theres no error codes even when the light is on. I think this is something to do with my windscreen washers which were very low pressure, turns out the left hand one wasnt plugged in correctly (leaking into the engine lagging which is now a bit mouldy). Any ideas before I take it up to my mechanic? Also is there any way to adjust my windscreen jets vertically now iv fixed them? Cheers very much! Liam