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  1. Ford Focus 2006 - Dashboard Warning Lights

    Brilliant - After similar symptoms - dashboard warnings lighting up like a Christmas tree and my car (06 plate focus 1.6 tdci LX) going into limp home mode on several occassions I read this thread in desperation. An RAC patrolman and my local garage found no tell tale error codes on their diagnostics but intermittent problem kept recurring. (Sometimes solved by turning ignition off and on again or indeed banging the top of the dashboard!) Not a fuel problem or any noticeable damp problem. Likely electrical problem seen by me as being soldering on joints - after I had read here this description of near identical problems first seen in MK1 Focus and now creeping into MK ii Focus like mine. Anyway, took a deep breath and, in agreement with my garage, "you may as well try this, seems likely problem" especially with one cure being banging the dashboard - I removed and sent off to Clusterrepairs.co.uk my instrument panel unit and PCB. I really cannot fault Cluster Repairs - very prompt and efficient service. They quickly mended my instrument control panel and attached Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in an hour or so (I elected their £30 extra service for an 'Exchange Board with 2 yr warranty, a total £139 plus vat incl rtn postage to me). I then received my instrument panel back next day. 25 miles on and two overnight morning start ups (I do low mileages) and all is working well. Chuffed to bits! By the way, before I posted it away for repair I had been reduced to one warning light (engine block orange image) but this too has been extinguished by the repair. Do note though that I ran my car for over a year with this same orange engine management light - and regular consultations with my garage that it was being lit by a faulty Exhaust recirculation valve (ETR?) fault. When I finally invested in a new ETR valve my Focus ran like a dream - wish I had paid up and had a new one fitted rather than trying to clean up the old much earlier. Indeed for many months since new ETR Valve fitted car has been running very smoothly - until this very recent instrument control panel fault. So all in all I'm delighted with Ford Owners club, Cluster Repairs and this thread in particular. I followed the You Tube link and removed the instrument unit myself - just two screws, (garage lent me their screwdriver for a minute), a quick search on how to disconnect the cable clip from its housing - found on another You Tube clip (there is a black metal arm which cantilevers over and clips and unclips the cable section from the circuit board - and posted it away and re-fitted myself. So far so good and well pleased with my £139 plus vat repair and £11 special postage via Royal Mail to Cluster Repairs. Thanks to all on here - this is my endorsement of all your great work. Feel really empowered!