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  1. Hi,


    did you ever get your Shuttle to work - if so please tell me how!



  2. *** Ford Sync Applink 2.0 - When?

    I've been told the same thing from my lease company, "there are no updates" when I tried to create an account on syncmyride.com it didn't let me because my car has a UK registered VIN. I was sold on half of these features that only exist in the states. Very misleading. I thought I was supposed to be able to get diagnostic reports from my car through this account too?
  3. St Spoiler On Mk7 Titanium

    The whole dress up kit was a £500 option on mine but expect to pay a lot more for the stealership to supply and fit. Looks good though.
  4. St Spoiler On Mk7 Titanium

    You can get the same style for 5 door from Ford as part of the dress up kit option as I have this on my car. I'm not sure it's the same part as the 3 door as I think the tailgate has a steeper pitch on ours.
  5. Titanium Vs Zetec S

    It's a lease car on salary sacrifice so I can't start bolting things on, I like the black grill but the chrome one doesn't bother me at all.
  6. Sync/txt

    I didn't think this worked with iPhone so I hadn't bothered to look into it, turns out I just had to turn it on! Excellent - made my day.
  7. Titanium Vs Zetec S

    I got the titanium with full leather, 17's and dress up kit. Opted for 100ps as an extra 40ps from Bluefin worked out cheaper than the extra Ford charge for the upgrade to125ps. Five door practicality (I have 2 kids), ZS looks and performance and more toys than I had in my previous BMW 520i. Job done! Shame they don't do the ST in 5 door but even that would see me giving up some of the Titanium luxuries in exchange for outright performance and there is no race track on my way to work so a 140ps fully loaded Titanium strikes a pretty good compromise IMHO
  8. What is the latest version of Sync software? Tried to check myself using SyncMyRide but Ford don't recognise my VIN! If I'm up to date then I'll try pulling the fuse.
  9. Getting An St

    I used Webuyanycar and they are very particular about the condition. I got £600 less than quoted online once they inspected the car so be totally honest when describing the car to avoid disappointment.
  10. Ford Ecomode

    No trophy, not even close, but I have a big grin on my face and I think that's more important :)
  11. Just plugged shuffle into USB only with supplied cable. Shuffle doesn't have bluetooth but my iPhone does and works fine however I connect it.
  12. "limited Edition" Corsa (Too Funny!)

    Hahaha! Thank god they only made 100 of them, that is a sorry looking Corsa
  13. My iPhone works fine as an iPod via USB port but my Shuffle isn't recognised. Has anybody had similar issues or can you confirm what apple devices do work as I just wanted to leave something plugged in permanently and I bought the 4th Gen Shuffle specifically. I don't want to have to use my phone to play music :(
  14. Getting An St

    Blue. I Had a bright yellow TRD Toyota MR2 once and some days I just wanted it to shut up and stop screaming for attention, nobody wants to be a yob all of the time. Save orange for track cars, kit cars & super cars. IMHO.
  15. Hill Assist

    Great feature! Buys me a bit of time when my steel toecap work boot gets stuck under the brake pedal! My first addition for the new Fez - more suitable footwear. I remember now why I previously had an auto :)