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  1. Won't your Ford 3 year warranty cover that?
  2. I'll still proberly watch it? It's about cars I love cars!, I'd prefer a mixture of normal cars New ,Modern & 70's /80s /90's cars being featured on a TV show instead of the super cars I've no chance of driving let alone owning, what also needs to happen is proper road tests on UK rounds and not on a perf
  3. The 70's Topgear wasn't that good? Angela Rippon, William Woollard, Tony Clarke it was like a teacher presenting, Buy the book, no interest in what they were saying and "if they broke in to smile they'd be arrested!", but when Quintin Wilson & Clarkson arrived it was real cars all the way , real enthusiasm & passion !, they should get that fit german women Sabrina Smitz on who manages the Nuerburgring ! Forget Clarkson
  4. Chris Evans is getting £3 Million quid! for doing Topgear!, The BBC a jurassic establishment for the boys? It wouldn't last 2 minutes if it wasn't subserdised by us lot !, Clarkson & Co will appear soon on a USA network/ SKY ?
  5. I can't wait to test drive one, but sorry to admit had a test drive of the new 2015 Kia Sorento KX 3 auto at weekend absolutely beautiful! Kia certainly moved on, when the Edge over here?
  6. I keep hearing about "Poorboys" products? Has anyone tried there stuff??,There surposed to be brilliant? ,soon as run out of my current polish I'll get some.
  7. It's not as good as the advert suggests? and I definatley wouldn't buy this product again.
  8. I did our 3 cars yesterday with "Demon Shine Snow Foam" not bad ? Pricey for 2 litres @£10 and it's now empty but I had to go over it with hand with a sponge and use "Wonder Wheels" on the alloys + our Jet wash I'll have to order some
  9. That's a gorgeous motor! , could very easily see me changing to the EDGE
  10. I can see this temping me away from the new Mondeo? Very nice!.
  11. I've subscribed to their channel on YouTube, their car care products look very impressive, I personally use "Bilt Hamber" products through a friend and they seem to win most tests on Autoexpress and "Bilt Hamber" are brilliant! Best I've used so far and I don't mind paying out for car care products am abit ocd with our cars showroom condition inside and out, I'll wait to see how you go on with ur new purchase b4 I buy.
  12. Go on Ebay / Amazon there must be one for sale on there, I've got one luckily but why would someone take them out of the car in first place?
  13. That's coming disc / flash drive or more than likely just a simply download from the relevant manufacturer, It'll be more European B.S.!, You'll be saving a tree & the planet by downloading
  14. No, you've got the same Converse + as the rest of us The hill assist & auto pre-warm up are definitely extras only and fitted when ordered new at the factory , The phone set up (bluetooth) is brilliant and I wouldn't be with out it.