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  1. Yeh of course, I'm off work tomorrow so I'll get on to it B)
  2. Ebay, 32mm grommet (Pretty sure that's the right size anyway, if not then I'll have to grab a different one.) 99p with postage, You'd probably find them cheaper at a d.i.y store but ebay is less hassle than leaving the house today lol. There are too many people trying to flog them on there though for a few quid more, advertised as the specialised grommet for the 'de-wiper mod' etc.
  3. You've pulled my leg, grommet has now been ordered. Wasn't really a hard decision after all
  4. Smooth rear wiper or de-wiper? hmmm, opinions? I've always de-wipered and like the look.
  5. Love the fiesta buddy! Keep it up :)
  6. Gave her a good ol' clean today! including a decent long leather clean followed by treatment with leather balm. Smells like fresh leather in the car again woop! I attempted to de-badge the rear but it's left a bit of a mess with the lacquer... so I've ordered some trim tape and they're going straight back on. I like the zetec S badge anyway to be honest and was 'ooing' and 'ahhing' for ages about whether to. Seems the car has made its own choice. Lastly, ordered a shorter anti-theft richbrook aerial today. Seems the modifying game has got me by the knackers again! ... Pic taken just before it fully dried and I buffed it up (hence you can see a few slightly damper bits)
  7. Quick update: Went for a blood test and didn't pass out! That is an achievement and a half for me haha, felt the need to share this with the world.. although it has NOTHING to do with the fiesta.. :D Anyway, I had ordered a leather gaiter as the standard one is horrid. It came during the week but couldn't find the effort to fit it. Did it this morning and I'm happy with it, definitely a great improvement over standard! Just needs a smaller gear knob I think, as these things are huge. Any recommendations? I think some of the richbrook ford range look quite classy but I'm unsure... Also these came in the post, leather really needs a good go over so will be done over the weekend along with a nice big overall clean:
  8. Cheers buddy! Few more bits of colour coding to get done, the handles look weathered and awful! All in good time :)
  9. Exactly, not all about power! Nice, bet that shifts a bit. To be fair they're not ugly either. Good cars
  10. I'll definitely get them all replaced, may aswell as I've only had the car a few months so I'm unsure when they've been changed. Cheers mate
  11. No problem! Yeh they're definitely fun little cars! I wanted something that could be fun to drive aswell have gaining good mpg as I do a lot of miles - Seem's it fit me perfect! A mate of mine has just got himself a '58 plate mondeo 2.0l tdci - very nice and comfy car!
  12. Hey mate - £12.75 with postage - Hopefully I don't get a b*llocking for this as I'm linking to another site but here's the link to where I bought them: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-FIESTA-Mk6-ST-ZS-GEL-Badge-Overlays-FIESTA-MK6-ST-and-ZETEC-S-ONLY-/251252746136?pt=UK_SportingGoods_OtherSports&var=&hash=item3a7fd4a798
  13. Hi, As in the title really, on cold start the idle is very very rough accompanied by white'ish smoke coming out of the exhaust which stinks of diesel! Basically it seems it is seriously over fueling. No lights appear on the dash at all. It is then absolutely fine after a minute or so of driving with nothing coming out of the exhaust. The car is a '07 plate Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 Tdci and is on 69k miles. I fully serviced it on the 15th of this month but the problem is still there. I'm going to see if the EGR needs cleaning when I have a spare minute too. I'm guessing it's possibly the glow plugs or injectors but if anybody has had this issue and can give me any pointers it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Greg