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  1. that worked perfectly .. thanks alot. really appreciate it. :)
  2. do i have to pull hard, im scared of braking it.
  3. i need to change a rear bulb on my mk6 fezza and i have tried so many screw drivers and allen keys and none of them are working. does anyone have any ideas what tool i need to get to remove them? is it only 2 screws and the rear screw i need to undo to remove the lights or is it not that simple ? thanks
  4. i have just bought a mondeo st gear knob and i was wondering .. would it fit on my fiesta zetec mk6 with the rubber gaiter ?
  5. i have debadged my car too, i think it looks so much cleaner and nicer, specially with a color coded rear boot strip.
  6. hey guys .. i have recently got my mk6 color coded and they have not done the back boot strip. is there a possibility that i would be able to buy 1 of Ford ? any ideas ?? thanks
  7. hi, i am just wondering. does any one know how many watts the mk6 fiesta stereo is giving out. thanks.
  8. mine fezza is called Boo. my girlfriend named it after the baby on the film Monsters INC.
  9. Berghii


    im looking for a set of wheels like the ones in the link below. Wheels does any body have any they would consider selling ? thanks
  10. i have just seen some new pedals and i am thinking of buying them. Visit My Website i was just wondering .. does any1 know how they would fit to my 2005 zetec or if they will defo fit ?? thanks
  11. my car has only done like 13000 miles so i wouldnt have those parts cud be worn already
  12. ii think i have the same problem .. but it only happens on the motor way. it sounds like my rattle comes from near the left side indicator. i thought it can have been just a loose part or sumthin. just turn up the radio and u cant hear :P
  13. thats sweet. i like that alot. gorges.
  14. thanks ... how would i go about gettin a new key and gettin it programmed. and how much is it gonna set me back?
  15. not that i know of. i really should find a list that just tells me about every spec my car has. i dont think it has ac.
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