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  1. 2016 Mondeo Satnav Card query

    Yeah, that's what I expected...time for a call to Motorpoint methinks
  2. Hey all, Picked up my (quite) new Mondeo (registered around April 2016). I just had the system tell me there was a problem with the SatNav sd card....when I checked it, the one fitted is an F3! A bit of googling has me thinking it should be at least the F4 card.....am I correct? edit: Also, I only seem to have Sync 2 and not Sync 3 as expected. Cheers, Gary
  3. Hi all, I have had my NS wing mirror clipped. I found it with the coloured cover off and "folded" in. It opens and closes fine, can be adjusted fine BUT the mirror now sits slightly proud of the housing. I unclipped the mirror glass and found small pieces of broken plastic inside but no obvious damage. Anyone got any experience of this or any suggestions? Gut feeling is either put up with it (as it's still fully functional; not the wife's preference) or replace the mirror (fecking expensive). I see a lot of Mk4 mirrors that would do on ebay (example) for the Mk4 but these say up to 2011. Do these mirrors definitely not work with the 2012 model? If not, why not? Cheers, Gary