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  1. thats interesting, so it doesn't seem right that mine jumps from idle straight unto 1200 and nothing in-between.
  2. ford 1.6 TDCI - idle at 800RPM - if I slowly put gas on I get nothing, then suddenly I get 1200 RPM, take my foot off slowly and it drops back down to idle. I can not maintain RPM anywhere between 800-1200 however gentle I am with the gas. this can not be right because I have never had this issue before is it just me or what? Thanks for reading.
  3. Ok sorted the rear window lock button also does the doors. Of course.
  4. Here is a photo, where I would expect to find the child lock switch there is just black plastic.
  5. Hi, got this car yesterday and the rear sliding doors won't open from the inside. They will close from the inside but won't open. My my first thought was child locks, but I can't seem to find anything about this cars child locks. On the door there is a little symbol of a child lock with an arrow, but I can't seem to find the little thing to activate or deactivate it. The round hole where I would expect the lever for child locks there is just a black piece of plastic. any ideas? Thanks.
  6. update; I tried it again a few times and eventually it started after a lot of spluttering. since then it has started OK, tiny bit of spluttering. something is obviously playing up, it might be a total coincidence it happened after I took the battery off.
  7. update: I have tested the fuel pump fuse and its fine, and I Can hear the fuel pump prime.
  8. Hi, I just disconnected the battery, but now the engine cranks but nothing at all. wont start. I'm wondering if I have blown a fuse when re connecting the battery, any ideas? cheers.
  9. Jon Bhoy, did you get to the bottom of this problem? I too was looking to clean the idle valve due to dropping idle but have just found it doesn't have one.
  10. I have ruled out the fuses and the relay. but still both sides of the screen are dead. does anybody have any other ideas?
  11. Hi, I guess you have heard this one a 1000 times, but my heated screen doesn't seem to be doing anything and the fuses both look ok visually. there are a few relays in the engine fuse box but I can't find anything to tell me which relay does what, can anyone help with a relay list or diagram? I have had a quick look under the windscreen wipers and the copper cables to the screen seem to look ok too.
  12. I thought the silver thing was out of the way, the bottle was about 2 inches inside then it was slipping onto the floor. I can't believe there would be a hole so fuel can fall on the floor. Unless it's split or something.
  13. This blows my mind, but I just tried to empty a bottle of cataclean into my focus. So I pushed the end of the bottle into my petrol hole and SAY WHAT, it started splashing onto the floor somewhere behind the back wheel. I would love to hear the words oh yeah this is normal, but I highly doubt it. 😂
  14. Hi, can someone explain how to remove the trim so I can change the cig lighter. its the mk2.5 focus. the trim that goes around the gear stick down to the arm rest. cheers!!
  15. I can't find anything about this on the net, and it has never happened to me in another car. Is it normal for my car not to let me select 1st gear, until the car has slowed down to 5mph or less, it physically will not let me select 1st gear at any speed over 5mph. this is when I am changing down obviously. 2005 petrol ford focus.