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  1. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    What does the dealer say when you press them for info? An order date should at least be allocated within a week or two of the order I would have thought. Even if that date was pretty far off, they should at least have one!
  2. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    I'd like to think early part of April for delivery, I'll even collect it if the supplying dealer is relatively close! I'm a little shocked that your order on the 14th Jan hasn't even had a build date as yet. Did you place the order through a Ford dealership?
  3. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    Finally got my build date. Looks like the 11th March. A (very) slim chance that I'll get it for the start of April in that case.
  4. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    Ah, looks like that extra output is effective as of next month based on that article. All good news though!
  5. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    Can I ask where you saw that info? Admittedly, I've only been waiting a couple of weeks but the lack of info I'm getting from my PCH company is whats leading me to look at other ways of obtaining said info.
  6. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    Easter is only a couple of days (Friday/Monday). I imagine the Xmas shutdown would've been for a week at least.
  7. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    That's shocking. Even fords own website details roughly a 10-12 week wait for standard spec orders. For upgraded alloys and a window tint, that shouldn't warrant that amount of extra time.
  8. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    Ouch! Was there an explanation to why there was such a delay?
  9. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    That's impressive. Take the Xmas break into account and that's an 8-9 week turnaround(ish).
  10. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    I'm guessing it must be in stock somewhere as a month would be too short for a factory order. Looks like 7-11 weeks are the average. Was that a factory order!? If so then that's an excellent lead time considering Xmas probably delayed things by a couple weeks.
  11. What Was/is Your Zetec S Lead Time?

    I ordered the week before you, even then the PCH company started mentioning May with late April being the absolute earliest. Admittedly, this is my first lease car and I know about the lead time before signing the proposal, I may have gone elsewhere that had stock.
  12. Hi all, I'm new to the forum but it's seems there is some really good information on here. I just wanted to see what people have been advised for lead times on their Zetec S. I ordered mine (Metallic paint, standard spec, no options) via a personal lease provider and it was confirmed as being ordered on 13th Feb. Currently being quoted a (very) rough delivery estimate of 'late April/Early May' which in my mind is a little too vague for my liking. So that's basically anywhere between 10-13 weeks for delivery. Is that right for what is more or less a generic order? Cheers.