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  1. Yes couldn't find anything relevant though. The previous owner thought it was a limited edition because it has full lethers, heated front seats, traction control ect...But I'm not so sure. And even if it is the window tint may still be aftermarket which I would then have to remove. Not sure what to do for the best. Do you think I should call the insurance company and ask them?
  2. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I can't find any edges on the the rear side windows, but the rear window itself I can clearly see a film because it has a couple of small scratch marks going through it. It's also a 3 door so I can't open any of the tinted windows. -Paul
  3. Hi guy, new here. I just brought a 2001 ford focus zetec 2.0l with all three rear windows tinted. Unfortunatly because I'm a young driver my insurance company policy requires the car to be all factory standard and have no modifications. How do I find out if the rear windows are factory tinted or were done later on? I have a lot of paper work for the car but nothing regarding the windows. Have been googling around to no avail. Any help would be appreciated . Thanks -Paul