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  1. Mk III facelift centre console removal

    Sorry, I've just realised you had replied to my comment. Yes, I just tucked in below anything I needed. There's always a little bit of play between the panels/carpet.
  2. Mk III facelift centre console removal

    I hope I understand what you'd like to achieve here. First of all, I'd use the USB from the armrest, leading it through the designated cut-out under the armrest top itself and then move the cable straight down and then tuck behind the middle console where it meets the carpet. - hope this makes sense. This is exactly the method I used for my dashcam to receive power with the only difference that I needed to take it towards the A pillar..
  3. Finally Ordered Bluefin For 180bhp Ecoboost

    Has anyone done remap for the 1L ecoboost?
  4. What Dash Cam.

  5. What Dash Cam.

    I can only agree, Mobius was the way for me too. It's cheap, easy to set up, and looks discrete. The only thing I did with it, that I changed the battery in it to a super capacitor as it handles the fact that the device is always being charged, much better. @Sonic113, may I ask, what did you use to hardwire it? Do you have a link perhaps? - Thanks!
  6. So, here's the story in a nutshell. I have my 1L (125) Zetec S for a good couple of months now, which was purchased new end of last year. In the past weeks/month I started to hear a creaking noise when depressing the clutch / gas pedal when the car is in gear, any only when it's in gear (most audible when in lower gears). This mainly happens when the car is cold and after about half an hour or an hour, the noise fades away. During that time the noise can be lower or higher, and if you listen to radio you can barely hear it, but since I know what I need to look for I can kind of hear it whatever and whenever. Been to Ford twice, once they sprayed some WD40 at it, but it didn't make a difference, the other time they didn't do a single thing, just kept me waiting for 1.5 hour (dash cam is my friend), will put a complaint letter together soon to that lovely branch. Obviously, I've searched the whole internet and it seems some other people had this issue, but couldn't find a straight answer what could the issue be. Here's the issue in motion picture format, turn the speakers up: https://vimeo.com/152181707 Anyone got any idea, what could this be? Much appreciated, as always.
  7. 1.5t Ecoboost Delivery Estimate

    Geeez, that's a bit of a wait. Did they throw in some freebies to compensate the delay?
  8. My New Mk3.5 Focus Zetec S

    Hahaha. I know the feeling, but I'm a free man now, rocking 1200miles in the clock. :)
  9. My New Mk3.5 Focus Zetec S

    Will do! Have you revved the machine higher than 3000 yet? ;)
  10. My New Mk3.5 Focus Zetec S

    Oh nice! Alright, I'll give it a go. Do you know which interior LED light works well? (I can search ebay too, but thought you already know which works) :). Also was thinking swapping my reversing lights as someone linked it into another post: http://www.ebay.com/itm/371123457268?rmvSB=true.
  11. My New Mk3.5 Focus Zetec S

    What interior lights you are referring to that can be changed for LEDs? Mine doesn't have the ambient lighting, it's only for Titanium and STs, it's a shame as my Fiesta used to have it. Ordered the boot LEDs though, good shout, thanks for that mate! Thinking about the puddle LEDs too, but feeling a bit scared in case i break something in there, based on your comments how hard it was to swap.
  12. My New Mk3.5 Focus Zetec S

    It's an item in the Convenience Pack on the Zetec S trim, doesn't come as standard.
  13. My New Mk3.5 Focus Zetec S

    Hmm, interesting point. I might give them a call then.
  14. My New Mk3.5 Focus Zetec S

    Pumaspeed (as well as many other), does remap that could pump the BHP to around 145. I was looking at them too, but afraid of messing up my warranty, so I think I'll stick to the 125 for now..