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  1. Hi guys. I'm just after a second opinion from some people in the know. I'm currently looking at selling my ST. Me and my partner are looking at putting a deposit on a house and I have to make the sacrifice. I've approached dealer, who has offered to put the car on his forecourt on a sale or return basis. He has said I could expect maximum return of 9.5k - however, that depends on the customer and whether said customer wants wheels refurbed or a deal. (So in my head - the dealer is definitely likely to offer the refurb at my cost!) Anyway, I'm looking for opinions on the offer of 9.5k. What do you reckon? The for sale thread is here: Cheers
  2. To buy or not to buy? ZS > ST

    Let us know how you get on
  3. To buy or not to buy? ZS > ST

    The heated seats are a win this time of the year
  4. To buy or not to buy? ZS > ST

    I've had it a week now an I LOVE IT!! Still driving slightly nervously but i smile every time i get in it
  5. To buy or not to buy? ZS > ST

    21k miles on it and they gave me 8.5k. No idea how much the Mountune might have added but I'm willing to bet they wouldn't have moved on the listing price.
  6. Insurance for Mountuned ST

    I went with Greenlight in the end. Very helpful and offered the best price (better than the comparison sites!)
  7. Insurance for Mountuned ST

    Nice one. I've applied for a quote
  8. Insurance for Mountuned ST

    Just tried to amend my insurance cover with the new motor and they won't insure me on a modified car... So I cancelled. Any recommendations for insurance companies that are good with this sort of car?
  9. To buy or not to buy? ZS > ST

    Yeah good shout I may email them and see if they'll send one. Ride quality - I don't find it an issue at all. The Recaros keep you well positioned and supported. The suspension is noticeably harder than my ZS but definitely not to a point of being uncomfortable. Passenger had no complaints last night (the opposite actually he loved it!!) but we'll see what's said when the other half gets back from Australia! Lol.
  10. To buy or not to buy? ZS > ST

    There was no badge... But I am after one! I love it. And I mean really love it. What a car.
  11. To buy or not to buy? ZS > ST

    I picked up the ST today... As the dealership was handing over the paper work I spotted a little Mountune envelope. So I asked what that was... Anyway, turns out the car has the 215 kit installed... Dealership were unaware 👍🏻 Bonus!!
  12. To buy or not to buy? ZS > ST

    Took the test drive today. Told the sales girl I wanted to try some bumpy roads as well as putting my foot down on the carriageway. The bumpy roads weren't a problem. The ride felt fine. The carriageway I noticed more when travelling at speed... However, I bought the car. For 12k. Including service, MOT, years tax, and extended warranty. Fairly chuffed with that. Pick it up next Saturday. Can't wait!!!!!!!!
  13. To buy or not to buy? ZS > ST

    Test drive booked this Saturday PM so will be paying attention to the suspension... Will update...
  14. The ST has broken me

    I'm in the same position (ish)!!!! Looking at ST-2's considering trading in my ZS I always had a want for an ST.