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  1. 20L Tdci S Max

    Fitted an EGR blanking plate yesterday and going to post feedback on experience of driving with it on. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  2. 1.8Tdci Egr Valve Blanking

    EGR plate installed. Now going to give a run and see what it's like. Will post observations Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  3. 1.8Tdci Egr Valve Blanking

    Got the Error Code P2263. Attempting the EGR Valve blanking plate install this weekend to see if it helps with the problem we are experiencing.
  4. Gear Selection Stiff On Engine Start..

    Good to know - thanks for the updates guys. Our cars got 77k on the clock and it's only just started to kick in about the last 5k. What mileage are you guys on in yours?
  5. Gear Selection Stiff On Engine Start..

    Anybody experience an issue where upon fresh engine start, if you try to engage reverse it fights you a bit (no crunching). It's normally better if you give it a minute of warm up time so wondering if this is a sign of pending gearbox doom? 2.0 TDCi Titanium 07 plate. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  6. 20L Tdci S Max

    How did you get on with the EGR blanking plate. Did you notice a difference. Wondering what the re-percussions are post install of a blanking plate. Surely the filth has to go somewhere. Do you then need to regularly remove the plate and clean the back log out?
  7. Stop Lamp Bulb Fault

    Interestingly I had this fault for a while and I realised it was the break light in the lid of the boot (the thin strip light). Once that was replaced (bit of a tricky procedure) it stopped that fault light appearing. Might help you as it puzzled me for a while.
  8. smax official trouble topic

    Hello - Wanted to list the problems I have experienced with the S-MAX 2.0 TDCi Titanium 07 plate now with 78k on the clock. Boot not opening - catch appeared to not release (seems to be fixed now, can't recall what I did to solve it) Error code P2263 (ghost code). When exceeding 75mph, Engine Fault light comes on, rev's drop and forced to park up. If you restart the engine, the code disappears and code readers won't find the code. Only if you have a code reader plugged in and reproduce the fault, can you get the code. Error code P2263 continued..- Seems to be a mine field of options, but all pointing toward the Turbo. Initial analysis from road side assistance recommended cleaning EGR valve but they were not able to get the error code so I think they were guessing a bit. Drivers side heated wind screen not operating - Yet to try swapping fuses over to do quick check, then hoping to have a deeper look this weekend. Handbrake button and button caps wore out (spray on chrome coating teared away) - Replace the hand brake buttons and handle with a replacement from ebay. Exhaust rear box and centre pipe - have a hole in it now so looking to replace that Tyre wear - heard others commenting on this, does seem to be a bit hungry here (we have the 18" large alloys on). Due a new front set now. Bonnet lever stopped working but thankfully stopped working after I had opened the bonnet. Upon closing the bonnet it would not catch - Took it to garage and they lubricated the wires and fixed that for free (no charge - regular customer!) Stop Lamp Fault light upon engine start - Eventually realised it was the stop light strip on the top of the boot that failed. Replaced it and warning light gone away. Catch on the centre dashboard storage area has failed so it no longer springs open when the button is pushed - haven't got round to fixing that yet.I really like the look of this MPV but the daunting Error code P2263 is going to hurt the pocket. Replacement turbo unit is looking at £1500 but refurbed unit from ebay is looking like £365 (assuming it's the right one / will need to check). Very tempted to ask my local garage to replace this. I've read somewhere that average life of a turbo is 75k so timing is about right, but would be comforting not to spend labour time, effort and cost to prove/disprove it's a general fault and not just a clean and lubrication needed or something.