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  1. Misfire On A Mondeo 1.8L Petrol 2003

    Problem now looks fixed. I took off the coil and on the underside there was a lot of black dust on the cyclinder 2 and 3 side. Cleaned it off and the resin still looked slightly blacker inside and also a short crack inside the resin. Failure on the cylinder 2/3 was consistent with the OBD misfire code on cylinder 2. Replaced the coil and leads and now working fine for a week. Looks like an earth fault between the cylinder 2/3 coil, causing the darkening in the resin and the static concentrating dust on the outside of the base of the coil. Failure was probably confirming the plug leads were still firmly connected at the coil after replacing the plugs and the plastic and resin being fragile. Very grateful for all the quick responses. Alan
  2. Misfire On A Mondeo 1.8L Petrol 2003

    Thanks for the quick responses and agree with your comments. My gut feeling was leads/coil having just replaced the plugs, but was getting some messages that it could be throttle position indicator or mass flow indicator. Just got a friend with an OBD machine and shows up fault as P0302, which translates as a misfire on cylinder 2. So now switched the new plugs to see if its the plugs and then heading down the leads/coil route. I'll let you know the outcome. Many thanks fo the help, appreciated. Alan
  3. I have a 2003 Mondeo Estate with a 1.8L Duratec petrol engine which recently has started misfiring. The misfire appears to occur between 1500 and 3000 rpm and is more noticable during gentle/normal acceleration and less so under hard acceleration. The fault appears to have started after changing the spark plugs, but the plugs look to be working OK. Engine management light now on and looking to see if I can get the error codes read. Any experience of a similar problem and how it was fixed. Many Thanks Alan