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  1. Happy Birthday IB3Andrew!

  2. IB3Andrew

    Oil Burning/leak/spray

    already changed the PCV Valve bud!
  3. IB3Andrew

    Oil Burning/leak/spray

    Ohhh I see! was this on a ford mate? Not a bad idea for somthing to look at! Just wonder how to check every breather hose! Bound to be a lot of them?
  4. IB3Andrew

    Oil Burning/leak/spray

    Hi all! Ever since I bought my car its been loosing oil! Not a lot but slowly over time its needs topped up, maybe once or twice a month depending on miles! When the car was last heavily serviced by a mate at his garage he recommended I get my camshaft seals replaced as one was showing signs of play & letting oil leak out. Not knowing much about the actual engine of the car, I thought this would cure all the oil deposits that were running down my camshaft breather hose into my K&N Air Filter. I cleaned out the filter over night to brand new, & had had the camshaft seals replaced. Al-lass there was sill oil travelling down the house & sitting in the bottom of my filter. Its also a habit of spraying some oil around the head of the engine which makes a bad smell when the car gets hot! I've since bought & replaced the cars PCV Valve, and got a camshaft breather filter that attaches to the breather pipe to see if this cures anything. But oils just draining out the filter onto the inlet manifold below. ( Can post pictures if will help) Like i've discussed with my mates at the garage we dont seem to think this is a massive problem as long as i regularly check the oil & keep on top of it! However I would really like to fix it before it becomes possible a lot worse! I also like to keep my engine bay looking neat & tidy, having oil sprayed about dosent help! haha Any help/recommendations or ideas as to what we should look into would be greatly appreciated as i'd just like the car to run smotth with no problems & nothing to worry about! Now & again the engine takes two attempts to start & has episodes of long-crank before it will start, which I would put down to when there is low oil in the car! Also the oil light never seems to come on until there is literally nothing left on the dipstick? is this normal? Cheers all!
  5. IB3Andrew

    Ford Focus Mk2 Ignition Leads

    HI all! I've started moving into my engine bay with mod on my mk2 focus! Keeping with the red & black theme im trying to go for i've been swapping things out! .Washer Jet Tubing is now red instead of black .Air Filter is now Red .Coolant drained & new red Anti-Freeze Added .Bonnet Prop-Rod painted red instead of black etc etc! I've been wondering if its possible to get Red Colored Spark Plug Ignition Leads? I've found some on ebay: Link 1: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.XFord+Focus+Red+Ignition+Leads&_nkw=Ford+Focus+Red+Ignition+Leads&_sacat=0&_from=R40 This set Specifically: Link 2: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-ZETEC-1-8-IGNITION-LEADS-8mm-FERROFLEX-PERFORMANCE-RED-HT-LEADS-/111067582937?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Car+Make%3AFord%7CModel%3AFocus&hash=item19dc24d1d9 But none say they'll fit my mark 2!? I've no idea about engine codes etc. as far as I know my focus has a duratec engine? I have pictures of it if this will help? Being an important part to the engine I also dont want to purchase dodgy leads that will ruin my car! Im also not 100% keen on re-sleeving my existing leads! Any help would be amazing! Cheers Guys!
  6. If someone could Photoshop the alloys on my car to a gloss black & then a separate to matte black that would be amazing! Cheers!
  7. IB3Andrew

    Brake Calliper Paint

    Me & a lot of mates use "Hammerite" Metal paint for things like that buddy!
  8. IB3Andrew

    Focus Mk 2 & St Bumper Swap!

    I'll update with pictures soon! & thanks a lot gary thats great to hear! I'm not 100% sure! any ideas how i'd be able to tell if there genuine? I know carbon fibers lighter etc, but i dont have another one to compare too! I dosent bother me either way but would be nice to know! Cheers!
  9. Getting there!

  10. IB3Andrew

    Focus Mk 2 & St Bumper Swap!

    Just an update folks! The bumper arrived yesterday evening! checked it over & everything's fine. As well as including all the fascias, bezels & grills he's given me both fog light units, the bulbs, & about a meter or so of wire either side to connect them up! Absolute hero! haha Bumpers at a mates for the next few days who'll sand/prime & paint it for me, then i'll get onto swapping them over on the car!
  11. IB3Andrew

    Focus Mk 2 & St Bumper Swap!

    Niceone! Well yeah thats it! again my bumper still hasent arrived and im not getting much of a response from the seller! So may still be a while yet but once my moneys back i'll be getting another! Thanks again!
  12. IB3Andrew

    Focus Mk 2 & St Bumper Swap!

    I have the feeling they'd just be a straight swap? presuming the use the same connections etc? I'm not entirely sure though! Haven't looked fully into the fog lights as its not something im immediately worried about!
  13. IB3Andrew

    Focus Mk 2 & St Bumper Swap!

    Thats ace! yeah I had presumed about the under tray and such, but im sure it wont be too much of a problem! I dont suppose buying the ST undertray would make much of a difference? Would still have to chop and drill a few bits? I knew about the stock fog lights as well! not an issue as I hardly use them anyway, but i'll sort them out sooner or later! Cheers guys, I was pretty sure everything would be fine with the bumper swap, just wanted another opinion to calm myself! hahaha Will let you know how I get on!
  14. IB3Andrew

    Focus Mk 2 & St Bumper Swap!

    Yeah i've made sure to get the ST 2 one! Spot on thank you! Just a pain as the guy on ebay seems to be messing me around! :(
  15. IB3Andrew

    Focus Mk 2 & St Bumper Swap!

    Hi all! I drive a 2007 Ford Focus mk 2 in black! " My Car: http://gyazo.com/b49333c016f68a6c8e0edbf80649e24f " I'd like to take this ST bumper from an 07 also and put it on my car once painted etc. " ST Bumper: http://gyazo.com/9f8786dc40f0dcdd8c1f26cffcf40dba " Hope this isent a silly question but will it fit and be an easy enough job? Or am I going to need some sharp blades and a whole tonne of hot glue? hahaha Any help would be brilliant! Cheers Guys! - Andrew (P.S) If the links to the pictures done work i'll attach them here.