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  1. Last June I had my Mot and service and on the advisory it mentioned the suspension arms and bushes. :nearside front lower suspension arm rubber bush. :offside front lower suspension arm rubber bush :nearside Macpherson strut has slight movement at upper attachment offside front Macpherson strut has slight movement at upper attachment. All these were Mot advisory notes. Lately I have noticed at low speed typically coming to a halt or doing less then 10mph I notice a ‘clanging’ noise from underneath the car it sounds more from the passenger side but I can’t quite pinpoint it. It’s a 1998 (r reg) ford fiesta I was wondering if this could be from the suspension or another possible cause? And if it is the suspension how much should I be looking at for a new suspension and bushes etc at a garage? I’m looking at purchasing a newer car towards the end of this year so hope it aint an expensive job.. Many thanks in advance to all those that help.
  2. Longest Journey

    My lOngest Journey was from Bristol (where i live) down to Lands end. Took about Four hours in total and stopped twice each way to refuel.
  3. Ford discontinue 3 models after Q1 2010

    Aint the Focus being replaced by the 'Iosis' (as shown on ford website - under 'future' cars?
  4. Engine idle?

    No i haven't had the chance too yet, is it a complicated job too do or pretty straightforward? I took Herbert out for a spin earlier and it was fine, it seems to happen on average every 4/5 trips out when it idles erratically. many thanks for reply.
  5. Hi i have an automatic 1998 (R REG) 1.25i 16v fiesta in moondust silver. SOMETIMES (i must stress sometimes, as it is very intermittent) my Engine idles erratically when idling or when i change the gear from drive to reverse and on occassions the engine does turn off) - was told on many forums this could be an idle control valve problem or something to do with the air filter? but ONE person said it could be the CVT auto gearbox as this is a problem on older fiesta's. i have an MOT and service booked in just over two months time (11TH June) shall i wait till then to mention/sort it out, or is it serious and to get it sorted now? Many thanks. :P
  6. Who drives an older fiesta?

    Nope. lol
  7. Too many fiestas already

    i've seen quite a few around my area (Bristol/Southwest) seen loads of panther black and hot magneta ones. though the majority of cars i see are fords these days. roughly for every 20 cars i see i would say 9 of them are a ford )not neccesarily a fiesta, but a ford model)
  8. Who drives an older fiesta?

    Nope, Bristol City. why?
  9. Who drives an older fiesta?

    i have a 1998 (R REG) fiesta (1.25i automatic) :D
  10. Fiesta transmissions

    many thanks for taking the time to reply. :D
  11. Fiesta transmissions

    many thanks for taking the time to reply. :D
  12. Fiesta transmissions

    Hello first of all I am new on here so please forgive me if this has been asked before. But does anyone know if ford will bring out a 1.6 automatic transmission to it’s new fiesta range I notice they only have a 1.4 which is rather dire. I feel if they increased this they would pull off even more sales, or are they waiting too see how popular the automatic transmission 1.4 will do before deciding the fate of a 1.6 transmission if anyone knows then please answer. Ps: looking to buy a ford fiesta but in a titanium range if they bring out a 1.6 auto. (oh yeh panther black looks very nice too) Kind regards Dave.