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  1. Hello all, Could I ask the members for assistance please. There is a 'whoosing' noise upon acceleration. I looked up online possible causes and one answer now appears to be the correct problem. A tear or a crack / hole in the pipe between the Throttle Body and the Intercooler. The mechanic I use has told me to go purchase the pipe and he will fit it. I'm also getting the timing belt changed at the same time as my car has done 101k miles. Could I ask members if they could tell me the correct part number for this pipe. I have briefly looked at eBay but it's just pictures of different pipes and I am not that mechanically minded. Could I ask also if members may suggest where is the best place to buy a reasonably priced new one, other than a Ford garage. Thank you. Shane
  2. Good morning all, I'm looking for some help please. My '58' Focus 1.6TDi is sick, this time I believe it's the DPF. There are two fault codes, P2458 & P242F showing. I only had the EGR replaced at a Ford dealer in Nov '13 @ £600 approx. I am not mechanically savvy but I found the FOC very helpful last November. The car is in 'limp-mode" and I managed to get it home. I was overtaking (at the legal speed) a slower vehicle, gave the power a quick boost and as I returned to the correct lane all of a sudden there was a sudden loss of power. The car will only cruise at 40-50 and not do more than 2000-2500 revs. The usual warning light (red exclamation mark) is showing as is Engine malfunction (of whatever). My question is... Apart from bringing it to a Ford dealer and being told "brand new DPF required fella", is there anything else that can be done. I've tried to read through some other forums here. HISTORY: The car I bought in Feb '12 from a Ford dealer. Three weeks later it lost power and was cutting out (in lane 3 on the M4...!). The dealer collected the car and returned it stating there was some dirt in the fuel. The evening before I fuelled it and added half a small bottle of that Diesel additive (as per recommendations) you buy in all good motor factors and stores. After that incident I never used them again. I don't drive like Meatloaf (Bat out of Hell). The chap who did me a favour by downloading the fault codes asked me if I drove hard, I said 'No' and he said well that might be the problem. He explained the process of driving high revs every so often to clear the dirt in the DPF. I live in the St Albans area in Hertfordshire. Does anyone know or recommend any independent garages in Herts/Bucks area or North London that might help or reputable Ford mechanics on here that 'work from home'...? Also, what is the going rate at a Ford dealer for DPF change Thanks..